How do you run commands in Grails?

Running a Grails Application Using run-app

  1. Go to the application directory. For example, go to the as-install /grails/samples/helloworld directory.
  2. Run the grails run-app command. The grails run-app command starts the Enterprise Server in the background and runs the application in one step.

How do I set environment variables in Grails?

How to Setup Grails Framework in Windows Environment

  1. Step 1 – Oracle Java Development Kit (JDK) Installation.
  2. Step 2 – Grails Application Framework Installation.
  3. Step 3 – Setting-up Environment Variables.
  4. Step 5 – Groovy and Grails Tool Suite Configuration.
  5. Step 6 – Create and Execute a Sample Project.

How do you make a controller on Grails?

To Create the hello Controller

  1. Change to the as-install /grails/samples/helloworld directory.
  2. Run the grails create-controller hello command.
  3. Edit the generated HelloController.groovy file so that it looks as follows:

How do I select Grails application in Intellij?

Go to Projects, right click to your project name > Grails > Configure Grails SDK.

How do I start grails?

Go to and use the Grails Application Forge to generate your Grails project. You can choose your project type (Application or Plugin), pick a version of Grails, and choose a Profile – then click “Generate Project” to download a ZIP file. No Grails installation necessary!

How do you debug grails?

You can debug a grails app by simply right-clicking on the Application. groovy class in your IDE and choosing the appropriate action (since Grails 3). Alternatively, you can run your app with the following command and then attach a remote debugger to it.

How do I start Grails?

How do you set up Grails?

Installing Grails

  1. Install the Grails add-on component that is available from Update Tool.
  2. Create a GRAILS_HOME environment variable that points to the Grails directory, as-install /grails .
  3. Add the as-install /grails/bin directory to the PATH environment variable.

How do you build a grails project?

What is scaffolding in grails?

Dynamic Scaffolding. Grails supports dynamic and static scaffolding for the user interface. If you use dynamic scaffolding, then a user interface for the domain class is dynamically generated by the Grails runtime. This user interface allows the operations Create, Read, Update and Delete (CRUD).

How do you set up grails?

How do you add grails SDK to IntelliJ?


  1. right click your Grails module.
  2. click “Add framework support”
  3. select “Groovy”
  4. The dropdown next to “Use library” will allow you to choose a grails library.
  5. If the dropdown is empty press “create” and choose your grails library directory.
  6. Grails SDK is configured then.