How do you read a Volvo paint code?

The code you are looking for is 2 or 3 digits long, followed by a extra code (except most classic Volvos). These extra 2 digits stands for the manufacturer of the paint and the type of finishing that has been used. The fourth digit of the code indicates the manufacturer and the fifth digit represents the sort of paint.

Where is a Volvo paint code?

The vehicle tag is typically silver and has an array of information on it, so you need to keep an eye out for the paint code. Unfortunately, Volvo does not indicate the code with a heading. But the paint code can be found underneath the VIN on the right-hand side of the tag.

What colour is Volvo seashell?

List of the main characteristics of the Volvo 484 Seashell/beige Met….Volvo 484 Seashell/beige Met. color informations.

Colour 484
Color type Metallic

What Colours does the Volvo XC40 come in?

Volvo XC40 is available in 6 different colours – Bright Silver, Black Stone, Bursting Blue, Crystal White, Osmium Grey Metallic and Fusion Red.

Who makes Volvo paint?

The Volvo paint is made by ilaster and Herberts in bij Glausarit and Herberts. Today, BASF, Dow Chemical Company (2), Dupont, Becker & Kemira Oy (3), ICI (Akzo Nobel), Sikkens (IVI / local suppliers (8) and IVI/Akzo Nobel are all supplying paints.

Where is the paint code on a 2020 Volvo?

The decal for the colour code is positioned on the car’s right-hand door pillar between the front and rear door and will be visible when the right-hand rear door is opened.

Where is the interior code on a Volvo?

Volvo’s interior color code is found on the VIN plate, or product plate as Volvo terms it.

Why is the Volvo symbol a male?

During the Renaissance, it became synonymous with the male gender (the symbol for Venus being the female gender). However, alchemists used these icons for something else. Volvo’s logo is actually the ancient chemical symbol for iron. The company’s founders wanted a strong image for their vehicles.

What Volvo means?

I roll
The brand name Volvo was originally registered as a trademark in May 1911 with the intention to be used for a new series of SKF ball bearings. It means “I roll” in Latin, conjugated from “volvere”. The idea was short-lived, and SKF decided to simply use its initials as the trademark for all its bearing products.

What is the best color for the XC40?

Denim Blue Metallic
You might be wondering what our most popular color is. In spite of all the grays and silvers, it’s not a silver Volvo! For the Volvo XC40, Denim Blue Metallic might just be in the lead. It is a rich color that looks fantastic with any of the interior colors (unchanged from 2020).