How do you fish Nehalem Bay?

Nehalem Bay at times has excellent perch fishing from the jetties up to about the Nehalem Bay State Park and Fishery Point. Perch come into the bay to feed on shrimp, clams and other forage foods, so try the channels and areas around the clam beds listed below or other near-shore spots on both sides of the lower bay.

Where can I fish on the Nehalem River?

The Nehalem Hatchery on Highway 53 offers the most popular bank fishing access in a few well-fished spots below the deadline. Don’t expect to have any spots to yourself. If the hatchery phone line sounds promising, regulars here are known to arrive hours before daybreak to get the best casting locations.

What kind of clams are in Nehalem Bay?

A mix of softshell and purple varnish clams will be found in this area. Here a shovel or clam gun would be best.

Is the Nehalem River open for fishing?

Nehalem River, North Fork. Open all year for hatchery steelhead. Open for Chinook salmon Jan 1 – Sep 15. Wild Chinook salmon may be harvested; 1 per day as part of daily salmon/steelhead bag limit.

What river runs through Otis?

The Salmon River
The Salmon River meets the Pacific Ocean in Otis, Oregon, about four miles north of Lincoln City on the northern Oregon coast. The 20-mile-long river drains from the coastal mountain range, and shares a name with another Oregon mountain river, which runs off Mount Hood.

Is Olalla Reservoir Open 2021?

No. It is not open. I called and spoke the employee at the gate, at Georgia Pacific, 2 days ago.

Is Nehalem Bay a good spot for sturgeon fishing?

In the old days, Nehalem Bay could be something of a secret spot for Oregon sturgeon fishing. There’s less interest now that this fishery is catch and release (at this writing), but catching the largest fish in the bay still can be a thrill.

Where can I fish the Nehalem River in Oregon?

Sturgeon are also caught in the holes along the south shore between Fishery Point and the community of Wheeler. One of the better locations is the Airport Hole, which is located on the south side of the airport near Nehalem State Park. Fish the deeper holes in the river channel to the head of tidewater.

How do you fish for salmon in the Nehalem Bay?

Bank fishing for salmon from the Nehalem Bay State Park using bobbers or by casting spinners from shore. Plunking for salmon with sand shrimp and/or salmon eggs is also productive, but the crabs often eat the bait before the salmon can take it.

What is the best bait for trout in the Nehalem River?

Troll in the upper bay with rainbow, chartreuse or pink colored spinners or with spinner bait combinations. Cutthroat trout return to the Nehalem River Basin beginning as early as the middle of July but most often from August through September.