How do you do the puzzle in Dragon Age Origins?

Order: Right 2 Left 3 Left 6 Move extra character to second platform move Left 3 -Right 4 move Right 2 – Left 1 move extra character to 3rd platform move Left 6 – Right 5 move Right 4 – Left 4 Then you are finished.

Is there a way to save Amalia Dragon Age?

Allowing the demon to possess Amalia will avoid a fight and “Amalia” will return to her father pretending to be safe and sound. You can compromise and agree to free Kitty without letting her take Amalia, or you can pretend to help Kitty but lie convincingly for a chance to save Amalia.

How do you activate the golem in Dragon Age?

Now that you have obtained the Control Rod, you need to reach a village titled ‘Honnleath’. Within the village, fight your way to reach Shale (the frozen/trapped golem that will soon be one of your companions), now select the option: ‘Dulefgar’. (Activate the golem)

How do you solve the gauntlet bridge puzzle?

Move the party member who was on Left 6 to Right 5, and the one on Right 4 to Left 5. The fourth and last block will now be solid. Move the fourth party member to the other side of the bridge. The puzzle is solved and the bridge will fully materialise.

What happens if I pour the dragon’s blood into the ashes?

If you accepted Kolgrim’s task (‘to pour the dragon’s blood into the Urn, allowing the risen Andraste to reclaim the power held in the Ashes’), he will speak to her to let you pass unharmed. You can continue into The Gauntlet or attack him here. He will be aided by his Disciples and a drake.

How do you recruit Shale?

To find Shale, you need to install “The Stone Prisoner” DLC. Presuming you have already done that, you need to head to the map point called “Sulcher’s Pass”. There, you will encounter a travelling merchant, Felix de Grossbois.

Where is Olaf’s chest Dragon Age?

Obtained from the key-required chest (Olaf’s Chest) in the Village of Honnleath.

Should I side with Branka?

Side with Branka and preserve the Anvil: You kill Caridin. Branka makes a crown for you and stays there to continue working on the Anvil. Dwarves and Golems assist you during the Blight.

What are the riddles from Dragon Age?

The answers to his riddles are, in order, “a map”, “my tongue” and “a dream”. Alternatively, if you have 30 cunning (which is not possible without cheating), you can tell him you would pester him endlessly until he gives in.

How do you cross the bridge in Gauntlet Dragon Age?

Move the character on Left 6 to Right 5, and the character on Right 4 to Left 5. The fourth and last bridge section will now be solid. Move your party member to the other side of the bridge. Now the whole bridge will fill in and the entire party can move across.

Is Andraste the dragon?

The rest of the disciples had come to believe that Andraste had been reborn into the form of a high dragon and attempted to pour blood into Andraste’s ashes so that she could rise again in dragon form.