How do you become a Security Forces officer in the Air Force?


  1. MINIMUM EDUCATION. Bachelor’s degree with specialization in one of the following: sociology, criminology, police administration, criminal justice or a related area.
  2. QUALIFICATIONS. Knowledge of Air Force Security Forces programs and related security. Additional requirements specific to specialty.

How long is Air Force security forces officer training?

This is a 65-day course that teaches security forces students basic military police functions, including missile security, convoy actions, capture and recovery of nuclear weapons, law enforcement and directing traffic.

What do Air Force security officers do?

As the largest career field in the Air Force, it’s the job of Security Forces to protect, defend and fight. They are responsible for missile security, defending air bases around the globe, law enforcement on those bases, combat arms and handling military working dogs.

What do Security Forces officer do?

A Security Forces Officer is a leader equipped with the physical and mental capabilities to manage the security on a base. And to do that, they need a breadth of knowledge in weapon systems, antiterrorism, law enforcement, air base defense and combat arms.

What do Air Force Security Forces officers do?

A Security Forces specialist is trained in law enforcement and combat arms to protect and serve their fellow Airmen around the clock with similar responsibilities as civilian officers, including responding to emergencies, directing traffic and investigating crimes on base.

Do Air Force Security Forces Travel?

The USAF security forces can be deployed to a combat zone if needed, but most of the time they are protecting bases that they are currently deployed at. Yes, go to a recruiter and sign up. Yes we do get deployed to fight in combat, but as often as the marines or army.

Do officers do basic training?

That is right, if you are going to be an officer, you will attend Basic Combat Training (BCT) alongside enlisted recruits.

How long is security forces Tech School Air Force?

The length of your tech school depends on your job, but can range from six to 72 weeks. Tech school gives you credits toward a degree from the Community College of the Air Force. how much do security forces make in the Air Force?

What is a security officer in the Air Force?

Steven Carrillo, a former Air Force staff sergeant, is expected to change his plea to guilty for the killing of a federal security officer David Underwood at a government building in Oakland two years ago. Prosecutors had recently announced they would not

What is Air Force security?

Air Force Security Forces (3P0X1) are in charge of keeping people, assets, and resources safe. They are the ones that you see guarding equipment or patrolling the base. These individuals can be in charge of protecting assets in bases in the United States or overseas.

What are the best Air Force jobs?

By David Roza | Updated Dec 3, 2021 3:15 PM Pilots of fixed-wing Air Force aircraft have been wearing put on their helmets in order to do their jobs. For example, fighter pilots use the