How do you beat Dampe race?

Race Dampe like you normally would, but in the room before the staircase like room is 2 big pillars with symbols on them. Instead of following dampe, turn right then left to get to the room where you turn left to get to the final stretch. It can take off 6 seconds! Even if you get hit with fire!

How long does it take to beat Zelda on Nintendo 64?

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Platform Polled Main
Emulated 84 26h 30m
Nintendo 64 471 26h 25m
Nintendo GameCube 71 25h 26m
Wii 45 27h 01m

Where do I get Dampe to dig?

Its the patch of dirt on the walkway between the graves and the fence. To get Dampe to dig, be sure you aren’t wearing a mask and simply talk to him when he’s over a patch of soil as he makes his rounds. It must be in the evening, but BEFORE midnight. The exact hours of Dampe’s tour are on his door.

Which grave is Dampe’s?

DampĂ©’s Grave is a location in Ocarina of Time. It is found beneath the leftmost gravestone with flowers on the left side of Kakariko Village Graveyard. Link must acquire the Hookshot here in order to reach the Forest Temple. Inside the grave is DampĂ©, who challenges Link to a race.

Will Donkey Kong 64 come to Switch?

Donkey Kong 64 Switch is an upcoming remake of Donkey Kong 64 and a adventure platform video game developed by Retro Studios and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch hybrid video game console….

Donkey Kong 64 Switch
Series Donkey Kong
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Release date(s) TBA
Genre(s) Platformer, adventure

Will N64 come to Nintendo online?

Get access to a library of Nintendo 64 games with newly added online play for up to 4 players*, as well as retro SEGA Genesis classics!