How do I test my Sophos firewall?

What to do

  1. The destination URL.
  2. Enable Authenticated User and specify the user if a user based policy is administered.
  3. Specify the Time and Day if time based access rules are in use.
  4. Select the Test Method: Test Firewall Policy provides a complete test results including the firewall rule id handling this traffic.

How do I access Sophos firewall from my browser?

To get the sign-in window, open the browser and type the internal IP address of XG Firewall in the address bar. A dialog box appears prompting you to enter username and password. Enter user sign-in name. If you are logging on for the first time after installation, use the default username.

Is Sophos UTM a firewall?

“ We chose Sophos UTM for its all-in-one approach, trouble-free installation and management at an affordable price”. Our Linux-based OS includes a free Essential Network Firewall. It provides fundamental security like firewalling, networking tools, routing and secure remote access.

How do I find my Sophos XG firewall version?

Login to Sophos Central. Click Endpoint Protection and then click Computers. Click on the endpoint device that is needed to be checked. The serial number of the Sophos XG Firewall that the endpoint is associated to is displayed under the Endpoint Agent Summary section.

Does Sophos Endpoint have a firewall?

Sophos Client Firewall is included in all of our Endpoint Protection licenses. It is also available in our Sophos Security Suite and Sophos Computer Security small business products.

Does Sophos have a firewall?

Sophos Firewall enables you to extend your network anywhere, anyhow, easily and affordably, with a full portfolio of SD-WAN, cloud, and VPN secure access solutions that will integrate your distributed network together.

What is default IP of Sophos firewall?
Per default, the Sophos XG assigns the IP address 172.16. 16.16 to its first NIC. At this IP address the web based Admin Console is also accessible.

What is Sophos XG firewall?

Sophos XG Firewall provides all the latest advanced technology you need to protect your network from ransomware and advanced threats including top- rated IPS, Advanced Threat Protection, Cloud Sandboxing and full AI-powered threat analysis, Dual AV, Web and App Control, Email Protection and a full- featured Web …

How to protect your web server with Sophos UTM?

Sophos UTM picks up the requests for the webservers and protects the real webservers from various attacks. Each virtual webserver maps to a real webserver and determines what level of protection is applied. You can also use more than one real webserver in one virtual webserver definition. That way you get load balancing for your real webservers.

How do I get my Sophos Home UTM setup?

– Action: is “Allow” – Click “Save” – Check the “Switch” next to the new rule so it turns green to enable it

How to enable Sophos?

Sign in to XG Firewall and go to Central Synchronization.

  • Click Register and add the email address and password for your Sophos Central administrator account. Click Register.
  • Turn on Sophos Central Services.
  • How to configure syslog in Sophos UTM?

    – Set up Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) traps and queries – Configure email alerts – Enable Syslog reporting