How do I start a fly ash business?

Fly ash brick making business requires land according to the production capacity of fly ash bricks machine. It will be anywhere from 20000 to 50000 square feet. The fly ash bricks making business require 15 to 20 labors for making 7000 to 20000 bricks in 8 hours.

How do you start fly ash brick manufacturing?

Here are some tips that need to be considered before starting of fly ash manufacturing process.

  1. Land Requirements.
  2. Factory Location.
  3. Water Availability.
  4. Environmental Issues.
  5. Project Cost.
  6. Cement Manufacturers.
  7. Labour Availability.
  8. Profit.

What is the future of fly ash bricks?

The demand for fly ash bricks in India is increasing. As the cost and environmental benefits, people prefer more and more fly ash bricks over common burnt bricks. India depends on the coal-based power plant. These plants produce a very large amount of fly ash.

What are the merits and demerits of fly ash bricks?

Fly Ash Bricks Vs Red Bricks:

Fly Ash Bricks Red Bricks
They can absorb more vibration than clay bricks. Cannot absorb heavy vibration.
Stronger and denser than normal red bricks. Slightly less stronger.
Less mortar requirement than clay brick construction Mortar requirement is high.

How do you market fly ash bricks?

First, it required a minimum half acre of land prefer 1 acre for storing and curing the bricks. Second, choose the factory location in 100 km radius of the thermal power plant to get permission and quota of fly ash. For make fly ash brick required lots of water.

How do I start my own brick business?

Steps to Open a Brick Factory

  1. Business Plan. The first and foremost step is creating a business plan.
  2. Location. After your business plan is ready, the next important step is deciding your factory’s location.
  3. Availability of raw material. Once you decide your factory’s location, the raw material arrangements should be done.

How much does it cost to start a brick factory?

Says Rajesh Kumar Gupta, who owns a kiln on the road that runs from Aligarh to Mathura in western Uttar Pradesh, “If you want to install a bhatta (brick kiln) , you will need at least 20 bigha s of land. This will cost between Rs 7 lakh to Rs 10 lakh, depending upon the rate of the land in a particular area.

Is fly ash bricks good for construction?

In all aspects fly, ash bricks are better than clay bricks. They are environment-friendly because the maximum constituent is ash and flies ash bricks have greater strength as compared to red bricks. We can choose to fly ash brick which is the best brick for home construction.

What is flyash brick manufacturing company?

Laxmi construction is a flyash brick manufacturing company associated with Fly Ash Brick Manufacturing Association (FBMA), Noida. We deals in manufacturing, production and supply of fly Ash Brick.

Which is the best fly ash bricks manufacturer in Delhi-NCR?

Gypsona is the best fly ash bricks manufacturers in Delhi-NCR. Fly Ash is a waste generated from Thermal Power Plants. Fal G is a technological renaissance of the age old pozzolanic industry proven for its strength and durability.

What are some eco-friendly ways to use fly ash?

* Environment friendly – consuming fly ash and replacing burnt clay bricks. (Clay bricks are high energy consumption, wastes agricultural land, soil erosion, banned in more and more countries) without wasting natural resources nor creating pollution..

Can ash bricks be used for construction?

These bricks are appropriate for construction just like they usually burnt clay bricks. In the manufacturing process of these pulverized fuel ash-lime bricks, it is being done in the country, and is estimated that this standard would support production and use on a large scale.