How do I set up a new AT account?

Go to the myAT sign-in page and select Create one now. Enter your AT phone number or account number and your billing ZIP Code. You may also be asked to enter a verification code. If there’s already a user ID for the account, choose from the options listed.

Can I open an AT account online?

5 – You can open an AT account online by visiting the Shop section of You can bring your own device if you’d like and it’s compatible by using and ordering a SIM card free of charge. Subject to a deposit and credit check, of course.

How do I register my AT service?

Connect your DSL modem or gateway to your computer and phone line. Verify your connection. To do this, check that your modem or gateway status lights display solid green for Power and DSL. Go to AT High Speed Internet Installer to complete your installation using our registration and installation web site.

Can I have two AT Wireless accounts?

You can combine wireless, DIRECTV, U-verse TV, or AT Internet services on one account. Linked accounts – Multiple AT accounts that you can manage by signing in with one user ID. You will still receive a separate bill for each account number.

How do I change the name on my ATT account?

Sign into your myAT account. Go into Profile>Account users>Select the phone number>Edit. Enter the correct name, and hit Continue.

What credit score do you need for ATT?

While there isn’t a specific or public credit score needed for AT wireless, you may be subject to a higher fee the lower your score; some estimates suggest scores under 500 won’t be eligible for any plans.

How do I get my ATT account number?

You can see your AT account number online or in the top-right corner of your bill….Find your account number

  1. Sign in to
  2. Go to Profile.
  3. Select Sign-in info.
  4. Scroll to My linked accounts.

How do I link two AT accounts?

Go to your myAT Profile and sign in with the ID you want to use as your primary account. Scroll to Account settings and select Linked accounts. Choose Link another account. Select the service you want to link and then choose Continue.

How do I separate my AT accounts?

Start an online transfer request If you use your ID to manage more than one account, sign in with the wireless account you want to transfer. Choose the numbers you want to transfer (make sure each phone can get texts). Enter the requested info and select Continue.

How do I change my primary account holder on AT?

Try this:

  1. Sign into your myAT account.
  2. Go into Account profile>Account users.
  3. Under Secondary users, select Transfer primary online access.
  4. Select the number and choose Get Primary Access.

Can I change account holder on ATT?

Current account owners Go to Transfer Billing Responsibility. Enter and review the account info to confirm it’s correct. Create a 4-digit personal identification number (PIN). To complete the transfer process, the person taking over your service will need this PIN, your AT account number, and your ZIP Code.

Does AT run a hard credit check?

AT requires a credit check when ordering new products (Wireless lines, U-verse TV, Internet and Phone). Credit checks using information pulled from your AT service history and credit bureaus are a soft credit check instead of a hard credit check which means it does not impact credit scores.

How do you start a new account?

Registrant’s Information: this will be the child you are registering and not the GotSport account you are creating for yourself (as the parent).

  • Your Information: this is your account information (parent’s account) and not the child.
  • GotSport Account: This is where you create your GotSport Account login information.
  • How do I sign up a new account?

    Visit on a web browser

  • Click on Start Your Free Trial
  • Select a plan: Hulu (ad-supported),Hulu (No Ads),Hulu+Live TV,or the Disney Bundle
  • Enter your email address,password,and personal information
  • Choose your payment option and add your billing information
  • How do I Activate my new account?

    – Sign in to see a list of devices on your account. – Choose the device you want to troubleshoot. – Click Troubleshoot a New Issue. – Search for your issue in the How can we help you? bar.

    How to get started with your new account?

    Get your monthly annuity payment statement

  • Get your annual summary of payment
  • Verify life insurance enrollment (FEGLI)
  • Get your 1099-R tax form
  • Change your federal and state income tax withholdings
  • View or print your retirement card
  • Check your interim retirement pay status
  • Start or change direct deposit