How do I run VMware on Linux Mint?

How to Install VMWare Workstation on Linux Mint 20

  1. Step 1: Update the system and Install dependencies.
  2. Step 2: Download and install VMware workstation.
  3. Step 3: Install VMware Workstation.
  4. Step 4: Launch VMWare Workstation.
  5. Step 5: Create a new virtual machine using VMWare.

How do I install Linux Mint on VMware Workstation Player?

How To Install Linux Mint On VMWare Workstation?

  1. Fier up VMWare Workstation.
  2. Select Custom Configuration Wizard.
  3. Select Virtual Machine Hardware Compatibilityrkstation 16x – Next.
  4. Select the Operating System Media.
  5. Select Guest Operating System.
  6. Name the Virtual Machine Name and location.
  7. Allocate the Processors.

Is VMware player no longer free?

The free version is available for non-commercial, personal and home use. We also encourage students and non-profit organizations to benefit from this offering. Commercial organizations require commercial licenses to use Workstation Player. Need a more advanced virtualization solution?

What version of Debian is Linux Mint?

Linux Mint Releases

Version Codename Package base
19 Tara Ubuntu Bionic
5 Elsie Debian Bullseye
4 Debbie Debian Buster

How do I run VMware player on Linux?

Installing VMware Player

  1. Install build-essential: sudo apt install gcc build-essential -y.
  2. Download the VMware bundle from VMware.
  3. Open a terminal then run the package using gksudo: gksudo bash VMware-Player-14.0.0-6661328.x86_64.bundle.

How to install Linux Mint on VMware Workstation Player?

Create a new virtual machine in VMware workstation Player 16 and then install Linux Mint – it will be a two-step process 2.) Create a new Virtual machine and install Linux Mint 20.01 in one Wizard – it’s a bit easy and automated, so I will showcase this method in my tutorial.

What is VMware Player?

3.2/5 97 A free tool that allows users to run virtual machines on Linux operating systems VMware Player is a free for personal use piece of software that can be used by anyone to run (or playback) virtual machines that were initially created with the Oracle Virtualbox or VMware Workstation applications and exported as appliances.

Is VMware Workstation Player 16 free to use?

I am using Vmware workstation player 16 (free to use non-commercial) in my tutorial and Linux Mint 20.01. But steps are more or less common for installing any operating system. Just need to follow instructions on the screen.

How is VMware Player distributed on Linux?

On Linux, the project is distributed as two binary files, one for each of the supported hardware platforms (64-bit and 32-bit). Each binary file includes the VMware Player and VMware Player Plus components. By default, users will be able to only use the first one, as the latter requires them to enter a license key.