How do I play music on my Tumblr page?

If you want to add music to your Tumblr blog, you can insert a music player that contains your custom playlist. Your playlist automatically includes all the audio you select, so your visitors have a convenient way to listen to it on your site.

How do I put an MP3 player on my Tumblr?

Step1: In order to successfully add music player to Tumblr, you need to visit first. Step2: Choose a skin of music player for Tumblr. Scroll down the slider to “Setup Wizard” part to choose your favorite skin of music player.

Can you upload your own audio to Tumblr?

You can upload one audio file per day. The file must be under 10MB. It must be an MP3 file.

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How do you put Spotify songs on Tumblr?

Within Spotify right click the playlist title and select copy HTTP link. Head over to Tumblr and paste the URL into the external URL box. You can include a description and tags. Now hit create post to embed a full playlist.

How do you add Spotify music to Tumblr?

If you have the Spotify or SoundCloud URL for a particular song, click on the “Use a URL” link underneath the search bar. Then type in the URL. Type in the URL of the song. The song will be pulled by Tumblr to be featured on your blog, but it will not be hosted on Tumblr’s servers.

How do I make a blog group on Tumblr?

Group blogs

  1. Click the account menu (the person silhouette) at the top of the dashboard.
  2. Mouse over the blog you’d like to add members to, and click the person icon that appears to the right of the blog name.
  3. Click “Members.”
  4. Type the person’s email address and click “Invite to this blog.”

What is the best music player for Tumblr?

ThemesLtd Music Player, a small music player for Tumblr, provides clear interface which allows users to choose your favorite skin according to various classifications, such as cartoon, cute, black and white, etc. How to Customize and Add Music Player to Tumblr How to Add Music to Your Tumblr

How to add music to Tumblr blogs?

You need to insert the music title and song’s URL. SCM Music Player accepts MP3 link, SoundCloud track or YouTube address. Of course, you are also able to choose RSS Podcast/SoundCloud Sets, and then click “Next” option. Step4: Make the configure setting for playback and appearance on your Tumblr blog, then click “Done”.

How to extract audio from Tumblr videos?

Try Free HD Video Converter Factory which supports to convert Tumblr videos to 300+ formats and devices for better compatibility. It is also capable of extracting audio from Tumblr video, trimming Tumblr video, etc. 1. SCM Music Player SCM Music Player is a free small music player for Tumblr, Tistory, etc.