How do I make my interior wall look like a log cabin?

Color Scheme and Walls Applying a fresh coat of paint to the walls is a budget-friendly way to create the most dramatic change. Paint the walls in spruce green for a soothing, natural feel. Install faux wood ceiling beams in a vaulted great room to provide rustic log cabin appeal.

Can you sheetrock the inside of a log cabin?

Most experts feel strongly that drywall enhances a log home’s character by adding color, dimension and flair to a home’s interior. “In any room, you want to have differing elements of color and texture,” says Jean McCue of Love That Space design. “You can do that with drywall; it gives space a liveliness.”

Can you cover log cabin walls?

Drywall also gives log home owners more decorating options by providing a simple, flat surface for adding color and hanging artwork or photographs. Like logs, drywall also absorbs some noise. Another option for non-log walls is plaster, which is simply a thin coat of cement.

What should I use to fill cracks in log cabin?

Apply a good quality, siliconized latex caulk (not pure silicon) into the check, bringing it out close, but not even with the surface of the log. Skim off the excess caulking with your finger or a putty knife, making sure the caulking makes a strong, consistent contact with the top and bottom of the crack.

Are there any interior design ideas for a log cabin?

The rustic appeal of log cabins often leads homeowners to veer towards the same style of interior, but there are certainly no hard rules. Whether you prefer the classic rustic cabin look or you’re wanting to create a space with a more modern air, here are 27 beautiful log cabin interior design ideas to consider. 1.

Are wood columns a good idea for a log cabin?

Wood columns are rarely a bad addition to a log cabin interior design. They can be installed in existing homes as purely decorative features and instantly add substance to an otherwise open room. This is a great way of bringing more of the warmth of wood into your cabin without messing with the walls or ceiling.

Do you need a log cabin for knotty pine wall coverings?

You don’t need to own a log cabin to make a statement with Knotty Pine or Faux Barn Board. These two wall coverings take you away from the ordinary painted drywall. They add a charm and relaxed mood that invites you into the house, unlike traditional drywall.

How to apply faux barn wood to walls?

This splendid arrangement shows how faux barn wood can be applied to walls. The lower portion with vertical panels is enhanced with wood applied at 45-degree angles. Arrange it your own way with different colors, widths of boards and layout.