How do I make an art portfolio on Tumblr?

How to Make a Professional Website or Portfolio on Tumblr in 5…

  1. Create a “blog” on Tumblr. Create an account on Tumblr, or start a new “blog” if you already have an account.
  2. Choose a theme.
  3. Upload art via posts & add tags.
  4. Customize your site.
  5. Add your own domain name (optional)

Is Tumblr good for art portfolio?

The free blogging service Tumblr is a popular choice for artists. Tumblr offers a way to connect with fans, show off your work, and build a following around your art. Some people even use Tumblr as their own personal portfolio while others use it for critiques.

Is Tumblr good for portfolios?

With some customization and tweaking a Tumblr blog is a great alternative for anyone looking to get a cheap portfolio.

What is the best Tumblr theme for artists?

With a simple design and a very basic grid-like page structure you can’t get simpler than Square. Perhaps the easiest theme to mesh with any artist’s style, Square is designed to look just like a portfolio. That means you can run this with your own Tumblr blog or use it as a public portfolio of work.

How to create a Tumblr blog for free?

Monarchy is a clean and beautiful free Tumblr theme that you can use to create your Tumblr blog. The theme comes with a simple two-column design. You will have the content section in the right and a left sidebar.

What is the best Tumblr theme for travel bloggers?

If you are a travel blogger or a photographer, you will find very few designs like the Travel Pro theme that offer you such a clean yet attractive design to narrate your experience. A minimal and clean free Tumblr theme with a fully responsive design. You can use this theme to create your site and present your content in a distraction-free layout.

What are the best themes to create a blog?

Telpher is a free Pinterest-style Tumblr theme that you can use to create your blog. The theme is modern and trendy, and it offers you a very attractive layout to showcase your content. With Empire theme, you can create a site with up to six columns.