How do I learn Tofugu hiragana?

Head over to Tofugu’s Learn Hiragana Quiz. Select only the あ/a box under the “Main Kana” list, then hit “Start Quiz!” and keep practicing until you can get them all right. Print out, copy, or download this worksheet. You’ll need to go through it, filling in the boxes with the romaji for the kana.

What is the easiest way to memorize Hiragana and Katakana?

But how to remember them? The best, quickest, most fun method is to associate each character with a picture that it (clearly or vaguely) looks like, ideally also using the sound of the letter. Hiragana and katakana are pretty simple, so associating each character with a picture is super easy.

How do I memorize the Japanese alphabet?

How Do I Memorize the Japanese Alphabet?

  1. Learn hiragana and katakana together.
  2. Practice writing the characters in groups, just like you did with uppercase and lowercase letters in elementary school.
  3. Use flashcards.

Is katakana an alphabet?

Katakana Basics Like Hiragana, Katakana is an alphabet made up of 46 letters beginning with the vowels A, I, U, E & O. Every group is similar to Hiragana and dictates the same pronunciation patterns.

Can you learn hiragana in A day?

We are going to be looking at some amazing techniques and study methods you can put into practice to ensure that you can get through all of the Hiragana in just 24 hours….An effective technique for remembering the hiragana.

Hiragana English Sound Story
u Looks like an u on its side with a line on top

How good is Tofugu?

Tofugu was a standout. The writing is compelling, the people that work there are smart and friendly, and everyone seems to truly care about the important contribution they are making to people studying Japanese. Tofugu eventually released two original learning resources.

What is the katakana for U?

ウ is the katakana for “u”. This katakana character looks a lot like its hiragana counterpart: う. It should be similar enough to use as a mnemonic to remember what it is. エ is the katakana for “e”.

What is the best way to memorize katakana?

Now we get to the good stuff: mnemonics. Mnemonics is one of the very best ways to memorize, well, just about anything. That’s why Tofugu is always adding mnemonics to the Japanese resources we make, including our learn katakana page.

What is the katakana for N/m?

ン is the katakana for “n/m”. Do you remember how シ is a lady with a weird face? The two little dashes are more horizontal than vertical, which helps us to know it’s a face. Who’s face?

What is the katakana for Mo in Japanese?

モ is the katakana for “mo”. This looks very similar to the hiragana も, so you should be able to make that connection and remember both of these. ヤ is the katakana for “ya”.