How do I install point blank on my computer?

  1. POINT BLANK INSTALLATION. After you download Full Client or Partial Client, please click PointBlankInstall.exe.
  2. TERMS AND CONDITION. This is Terms and Condition page from Zepetto.
  3. CHOOSING FOLDER FOR INSTALLATION. Choose Point Blank Zepetto installation folder.

How do I download pointblank Zepetto?

  1. Click “Download” button from the main page of our website and it will automatically redirect you on our “Download”
  2. 1Full Client Download. 2Partial Client Download.
  3. 1Download 8 file Partial Client in the same folder. 2Unzip PointBlankInstall.part1.rar. 3After unzipping the file, run PointBlankInstall.exe Client.

How many GB is point blank?

3.7 GB

LAST UPDATE 11-03-2022

Is Point Blank still in Garena?

We would like to announce that Garena PH Point Blank will be terminated and Point Blank will keep traveling its journey in Philippines. Additionally, the game database server will be shutdown on 11th July 2019 which no game information storing between 11th – 15th July.

Can you play point blank in us?

Point Blank has landed in North America – News | Point Blank. Soldiers, To all of our players from the NA Region, the time has come! We are thrilled that our North America community has joined our big Point Blank Family, we will always be supporting our community with great services and activities to keep sharp!

How do I change my password on point blank Zepetto?

To change your password, you can visit and login using your Zepetto account then click character info and choose password, then click edit.

Is Point Black free?

and join the action. If you haven’t registered the game already, you can click the “Register” button whilst downloading and register for free.

How do I recover my old point blank account?

You can visit and choose login menu, then under pop up, you can click forgot password. Enter your registered ID and Email, and new password will be sent to your registered email. How many players are able to play in a room in the game?

Is there point blank Mobile?

– All the thrill, graphics, and feel of the original Point Blank, now available on mobile! Original Point Blank mode is added! A legendary firearm, Kriss S.V is added.

Is point blank on steam?

Jagged Alliance – Back in Action: Point Blank DLC on Steam. This content requires the base game Jagged Alliance – Back in Action on Steam in order to play.

Where do I find my Zepetto ID?

  1. If you forgot your Zepetto ID, click this link:
  2. Type the email address of your Zepetto account on the EMAIL ADDRESS field.
  3. If you inputted the correct email address of your Zepetto account, the pop-up window below will appear.

Bagaimana cara download pointblank?

Buka halaman Kamu akan melihat menu dengan highlight kuning. Klik “Download” Pada jendela baru, akan terlihat dua link pada tiap bagian. Keduanya berisi file yang sama, jadi pilihlah salah satunya. Setelah bagian pertama selesai diunduh, lanjutkan dengan bagian lain hingga semua selesai.

Bagaimana Cara instalasi Point Blank?

Lakukan ekstraksi file, kemudian klik PointBlankInstall.exe klik Lanjut Pilih folder untuk menyimpan hasil instalasi. Biasanya file akan tersimpan di C:\\Zepetto\\PointBlank klik Instal Jika berhasil, klik Selesai. Point Blank siap dimainkan

Bagaimana Cara memainkan Point Blank secara online?

Untuk memainkan Point Blank secara online, kamu tentu harus memiliki kuota internet yang memadai. Namun, ada alternatif lain yang kadang-kadang dilakukan oleh para Troopers, sebutan untuk pemain Point Blank, yaitu memainkan game secara offline. Sebenarnya, ada banyak situs yang menyediakan panduan untuk mengunduh Point Blank versi offline.

Bagaimana cara download Point Blank dengan metode partial client?

Berbeda dengan Full Client, cara download Point Blank dengan metode Partial Client adalah melakukan pengunduhan Point Blank Installer dalam 14 bagian. Tiap bagian terdiri atas 200 MB dan 87 MB. Kamu bisa memilih opsi ini jika menghadapi dua kondisi. Pertama, kuota internet terbatas. Kedua, koneksi internet tidak stabil.