How do I identify a Borg-Warner 5 speed transmission?

An identification tag number, which is on one of the mounting bolts on the tail case, can identify all T-5 manual five-speeds. Whether they are Borg-Warner or Tremec units, all have a seven-digit ID number on this tag.

Is the T-5 Tremec or Borg-Warner?

It includes one overdrive gear, a light-weight aluminum housing, and is adaptable for four wheel drive use. It is manufactured by TREMEC. The T-5 was originally designed by BorgWarner based on the T-4 and earlier SR4, and was sold as the BorgWarner T-5 until the design was sold to TTC (aka Tremec).

How good is a T5 transmission?

Not only does the T5 provide a highway-friendly overdrive, but it also provides a deep First gear ratio for better off-the-line performance. The Mustang’s T5 five-speed transmission has been in continuous production for 34 years.

How much power can T-5 handle?

My T5 has lasted very reliably behind about 480 ftlb flywheel torque (412 at wheels) with much full throttle use at the strip. Having said that though some people seem to be very ‘hard’ on transmissions and can spit a T5 all over the ground behind a stock 302.

How do I know if my T-5 is world class?

World Class and non-World Class versions of the T5 – How to tell them apart. The Countershaft Bearing Cup: With the bell housing removed, look at the front of the T5 case. There is a distinct difference in the appearance of the countershaft bearing cup when you compare a non-WC and WC T5.

How do I identify a GM 5 speed manual transmission?

This 5-speed is based on the T4 Design. Aluminum case with top cover, internal single-rail shift with the shifter mounted on the extension housing. Casting numbers on the case, cover or extension housing are 13-51 or 13-52. 5th gear (overdrive) is located at the rear of the transmission in the extension housing.

How much torque can a T-5 handle?

Later, the T5 was further upgraded to harness the power of the ’93 Mustang Cobra. This version, dubbed the T5 “Z” because of its Ford part number designation, has tapered output bearings and a steel front-bearing retainer (versus aluminum) among other things, pushing its torque rating to 330 lb-ft.

How much torque can a Chevy T-5 handle?

The T5 is rated at 350 ft lb of torque.

How do I know what Borg Warner transmission I have?

Locate the identification tag number. A quick way to confirm that your transmission is a Borg Warner and what vehicle it was designed for, is to locate the identification number stamped into the “metal tag bolted onto the tail housing,” according to

What is a Borg Warner T5 transmission?

The Borg Warner T5 is an ingenious device: a universal 5-speed with a different bellhousing/tailhousing depending on the request of the car manufacturer. The actual transmission… the small “cube” in the middle can have different gear ratios but is essentially the same across all the NWC versions.

Is the Tremec T-5 the same as the Borg-Warner T5?

Borg-Warner sold the rights to the T-5 to Tremec in the late ’90s; however, there is no difference between the two units, other than the name on the casings. The Ford versions of the T-5 can adapt easily to the earlier Ford three- or four-speed bellhousings with an adapter.

How many types of T5 5 speeds are there?

There are 2 basic kinds of T5 5 speeds. Non World Class ( NWC ) and World Class ( WC ). The T5 is an evolution of the Borg Warner SR4 4speed.