How do I delete CardStar account?

Open Stocard and click on the card entry you would like to delete. Then, open the card settings (the three dots in the top right corner of your screen) and select “Delete Card” (iOS) or “Delete” (Android). Alternatively, on Android you can also press and hold the card you would like to delete for a second or two.

How do I add a card to CardStar app?

  1. Use your Smartphone as your Library Card! Save your library card on an iPhone or Android using the CardStar app.
  2. • Open the CardStar App; • Click on add a card icon.
  3. • Click on the ‘Cards’ across the. bottom of the screen.
  4. Use your Smartphone as your Library Card!
  5. • Open the CardStar App;
  6. • Click on the ‘Cards’ across the.

Does Stocard work on iPhone?

With Stocard, you don’t have to compromise Now Stocard is even better with Apple Pay. Shop, save and pay with just your iPhone. With Stocard, you can keep all your loyalty cards, rewards, and purchases in one secure place.

Can you use Stocard online?

Through the new mobile wallet solution, Stocard users can now make contactless payments in-store and online.

How do I remove daily rewards from Apple wallet?

How do I remove the Rewards card from my Apple Wallet? a) Tap the Information icon (located bottom right of Pass). b) Tap Remove Pass.

Why is my key ring app not working?

Update Key Ring App. Restart Your Phone. Check Device date and time setting. Check Device Compatibility.

Is Stocard app secure?

Paying with Stocard is more secure than cash or plastic cards. Every transaction is protected by a range of robust security features, so you can be fully confident when paying.

Do you Pay for Stocard?

Stocard, the leading European mobile wallet, today launches its payment feature Stocard Pay in four European countries: Italy, France, Germany and the Netherlands having launched in the UK in June this year.

How much does Stocard app cost?

free of
Yes, Stocard is and will always remain completely free of charge for our users!

Can I add flybuys card to Apple Wallet?

Just fire up the flybuys app, tap on ‘My card’ in the top right, and enjoy the newfound “Add to Apple Wallet” button.