How do I change the log of a table in SAP?

Enter you table name, then press display, You will find a technical setting tab. Click on this tab. When you click on the Change button, then the all fields will be in editable mode. At the bottom, you will find an option Log data changes.

What is the use of change log table in DSO?

Use/Purpose: When there is any data related issue in a DSO e.g. when there is any Incorrect entry loaded to the DSO or if someone has made any modification to existing data in DSO, Change log will help to find out what was changed, when was it changed and by whom it was changed.

How do you delete change log data in DSO?

For change logs, the deletion can be done from DSO –> Manage –> Environment –> Delete change log data. Please note that only already updated change log requests can be deleted and after deletion a reconstruction of requests for subsequent data targets using the DSO change log will not be possible.

How do I delete data from the change log table in SAP BW?

  1. In the main menu in DataStore object administration, choose Environment Delete Change Log Data .
  2. Specify the requests that need to be deleted by determining the days or dates (local time zone).
  3. Define the start date values under Start Conditions.
  4. Press Start (Schedule Deletion).

How do I keep my change log for custom table in SAP?

How to enable change log in Y or Z Table

  1. T Code SE11: Once RZ11 setting is ok then go to Tcode SE11.
  2. Tcode SCU3: Now once above settings are active, you will find change log in this Tcode.
  3. Enter Y Table name for which logging activated.
  4. Execute and you will be able to see Change log.
  5. Regards.

What is active table in SAP?

Active Data Table contains only Latest records where as in change log it will contains Historical Data. Suppose i loaded this records to dso. Company code price quantity. 1000 200 10.

How do you evaluate a change log in SAP?

Go to SE38 – RSTBHIST or Transaction code SCU3. By passing the Input parameters on selection screen like above we can log the changes made to specific table or particular customizing Object with User name,Date,Time,etc.

How do I enable change log for a field in SAP?

How do I find the active table in DSO?

Click the ‘new table’ and execute, to check the data in the table. Activation: You need to go to the requests tab of the Infoprovider administration, and click on ‘Active’ to activate the DSO. After the activation of DSO, we will check the three tables and we are going to discuss the changes in the tables.

How to delete a DSO change log request?

While defined dso change log deletion selections there are options. Depend those option deletion will work on requests which are older than 14 days. if you select dso symbol at deletion selections its delete the request which are activated (req start with ODSR*)

What is the time limit for data deletion from change log table?

I have a query regarding change log table data deletion. in our project we initiated data deletion from DSO change log tables with the restriction of 14 days.

What are the key fields in a change log table?

For change log table the KEY FIELDS are Request number for the data transfer, Data packet number and Data record number. Hence the data will be stored based on the values of these fields, which cannot be same at any case. Change log tables holds the value of 0RECORDMODE, which helps in identifying the history of a single record.

How to delete data from the changelog?

If you selecte setting symbol with green tick mark, its delete the request which are loaded success fully. Better to delete the chang log request which are activated and odler than 14 days. it will delete data from changelog and you will get free memory space.