How do I change my value on TinyMCE editor?

“how to set message on tinymce editor value in jquery” Code Answer

  1. $(function() {
  2. $(“#lang”). change(function() {
  3. var s = $(this). val();
  4. alert(s);
  5. tinyMCE. activeEditor. setContent(s);
  6. });
  7. });

How do I change the default value on TinyMCE?

What you can do is specify an init_instance_callback, which will run after the tinyMCE editor is initialized. Running your setContent call in this callback will successfully set the content of the editor.

How do you get data from TinyMCE?

You can do this using the getContent() method from the TinyMCE API. Let’s say you have initialized the editor on a textarea with id=”myTextarea” . First access the editor using that same id, then call getContent() . This will return the content in the editor marked up as HTML.

How do you save on TinyMCE text editor?

After writing content into your editor, use the command key + s or control key + s. The page reloads, and your file saves to the “database”.

How do I add TinyMCE editor to textarea?

  1. Step 1 : Download TinyMCE or Integrate CDN. At first, we have to download TinyMCE.
  2. Step 2 : Use TinyMCE to Textarea. The HTML code:
  3. Step 3 : The Complete Example. This is the complete code after integrating all things:
  4. Step 4 : The Output. Now if we run this file, we will get outputs like below:

How does TinyMCE handle textarea submissions?

When a textarea is replaced by TinyMCE, it’s actually hidden and TinyMCE editor (an iframe) is displayed instead. However, it’s this textarea’s contents which is sent when the form is submitted. Consequently its contents has to be updated before the form submission. For a standard form submission , it’s handled by TinyMCE .

How do I run Ajax on a form using TinyMCE?

When you run ajax on your form, you need to tell TinyMCE to update your textarea first: // TinyMCE will now save the data into textarea tinyMCE.triggerSave(); // now grap the data var form_data = form.serialize();

How to set the content of the editor in TinyMCE?

There are several events which will cause tinymce to write its content to the html source element of the editor (in your case your textarea). If you want to set the content of the editor (which is visible) you will need to call something like Show activity on this post. You can use the tinyMCE.activeEditor.setContent (‘ some html’);

How does TinyMCE work with P tags?

However, after saving the content the text would look like this: The presence of the p tag causes TinyMCE to trigger the transformation between an enclosing textarea to a textarea which is just a single tag (as illustrated above). Update 1: added TinyMCE config file: