How did Natalia Jimenez become famous?

Natalia Jiménez found fame as the dynamic front woman for the band La Quinta Estación, an adventurous Spanish outfit that fused pop and Mexican sounds to great success. Songs like “Me Muero,” “Algo Más” and “Que Te Quería” emerged as staples on Latin radio in the first part of the 21st century.

What nationality is Natalia Jimenez?

SpanishNatalia Jiménez / Nationality

How old is Natalia?

40 years (December 29, 1981)Natalia Jiménez / Age

What was Natalia Jimenez first job?

In 2013, Jiménez featured on “La Noche de los Dos,” a Daddy Yankee hit, and one year later she began working as a coach for Telemundo’s talent show La Voz Kids.

How many Grammys does Natalia Jimenez have?

She has received Grammy and Latin Grammy Awards and has sold more than 3 million albums worldwide, during her solo career….

Natalia Jiménez
Born 29 December 1981 Madrid, Spain
Genres Pop Latin pop rock mariachi
Occupation(s) Singer songwriter
Instruments Vocals

Is Natalia Jiménez Mexican?

Natalia Jiménez Sarmiento (Born December 29, 1980 in Madrid, Spain) is a Spanish singer. She was the lead singer in the Spanish pop band La Quinta Estación, until their official split in early 2010. Jiménez was born to a Spanish father who was a singer; and her mother was from Portugal.

How old is Natalie Jimenez?

How old is Natalia dwarf?

In 2019, she and the Mans sat down with Dr. Phil. There, she said that Kristine and Michael’s version of the story “was not true at all.” Natalia also flatly denied that she was an “adult scam artist.” Indeed, a bone density test from 2010 seems to show that Natalia was in fact eight years old.

What kind of music does Natalia Jimenez sing?

Pop Latin pop rock mariachi
Natalia Altea Jiménez Sarmento (born 29 December 1981), known professionally as Natalia Jiménez is a Spanish singer-songwriter….

Natalia Jiménez
Genres Pop Latin pop rock mariachi
Occupation(s) Singer songwriter
Instruments Vocals
Years active 2000–present

How did Natalia Lafourcade get her scar?

She got it on her sixth birthday when a horse kicked her in the head.

Is Natalia Lafourcade white?

María Natalia Lafourcade Silva was born on 26 February 1984 in Mexico City, Mexico, and grew up in Coatepec, Veracruz, Mexico, surrounded by music and art. Her father is the Chilean musician Gastón Lafourcade, who had French parents, and her mother is the pianist María del Carmen Silva Contreras.