How did Freddie keppard influence jazz?

After traveling to Los Angeles, he founded the Original Creole Orchestra in 1912. The Orchestra introduced New Orleans jazz to a wider audience and quickly became one of the most popular acts on the West Coast.

Was Freddie keppard a Creole?

Keppard (pronounced in the French fashion, with relatively even accentuation and a silent d) was born in the Creole of Color community of downtown New Orleans, Louisiana. Born in 1889, Freddie Keppard was Buddy Bolden’s junior by thirteen years and Louis Armstrong’s senior by eleven years.

What was unusual about the Original Dixieland Jazz Band?

The Original Dixieland Jass Band (ODJB) was a Dixieland jazz band that made the first jazz recordings in early 1917. Their “Livery Stable Blues” became the first jazz record ever issued. The group composed and recorded many jazz standards, the most famous being “Tiger Rag”.

Who was the pianist of King Oliver’s Creole Jazz Band?

Lil Hardin
Soon musicians and fans were flocking to hear Louis’ amazing cornet playing with the Oliver band. Louis met his second wife Lil Hardin who was the pianist in the Creole Jazz Band.

What made Ellington such a successful arranger?

As an arranger Ellington was particularly innovative, writing for his very individual players rather than for an anonymous horn section and, not being content to play his songs the same way every time, he constantly rearranged them; “Mood Indigo” sounded different in 1933 than it did in 1953 or 1973.

What instrument did Sidney Bechet play?

soprano saxophone
In London he eyed a soprano saxophone which quickly became his instrument of choice. Bechet was the first jazz musician to embrace the ‘skinny’ saxophone, which tended to sound out of tune in its higher register.

Who was the cornet king?

Born on a plantation, Oliver went to New Orleans as a boy and began playing the cornet in 1907. By 1915 he was an established bandleader and two years later was being billed as “King.” In the following year, after the closing down of Storyville, the city’s red-light district, Oliver moved to Chicago.

Where is the oldest jazz orchestra in the US?

New Orleans
Info for The World’s Oldest Jazz Orchestra Founded In 1896 This legendary ensemble was born in 1910 when ‘Papa’ Oscar Celestin took over the band at the Tuxedo Dance Hall in Storyville, New Orleans’ notorious Red Light district.

What instrument did Kid Ory?

Kid Ory, byname of Edward Ory, (born Dec. 25, 1886, Laplace, La., U.S.—died Jan. 23, 1973, Honolulu, Hawaii), American trombonist and composer who was perhaps the first musician to codify, purely by precept, the role of the trombone in classic three-part contrapuntal jazz improvisation.

What instrument did Joe King Oliver?

Born in Louisiana in 1885, Joseph Oliver began his musical studies on trombone, but switched to cornet as a teenager, touring with a brass band at the turn of the century.