How can I update my TomTom ONE XL for free?

TomTom Update Process (via USB)

  1. Connect to your MyDrive account.
  2. Plug your TomTom into your computer via USB.
  3. Go to Main Menu on your GPS.
  4. Go to Settings – Updates & New Items.
  5. Update as Required.

Can you update a Tom Tom One XL?

TomTom releases software updates for the One XL GPS through the TomTom HOME computer program. These free updates patch the TomTom Application on your GPS, adding features and improving performance.

Does TomTom update cost money?

Updates to the TomTom software and GPS maps are periodically made available to fix bugs and update road changes. Such updates are available for free to TomTom users.

Can I update TomTom from tablet?

Tap the main menu option from the guidance view. Tap Settings , then tap Updates and New Items . Any new updates are offered to you here. These updates can include software updates, map updates, speed camera updates, etc.

How do you update a TomTom device?

Connecting to a Wi-Fi® network. Tap the main menu option from the guidance view.

  • Log in or create a TomTom Account. Once you’ve connected to Wi-Fi®,you need to log in using a TomTom account.
  • Downloading updates. Once you’ve logged in with a TomTom account,you’re ready to check for updates!
  • Using MyDrive Connect as an alternative to a Wi-Fi® connection.
  • How to update my TomTom for free?

    Open MyDrive Connect application on your PC and connect your device.

  • Log in to your TomTom account and you will see your device connected.
  • Go to Tools,and you will find download maps option. Click on download map and it will ask you the location.
  • How to update my TomTom device?

    – Changed speed limits – New street names – Blocked roads – New traffic directions – Altered turn restrictions

    How to fix TomTom XL stuck on logo screen?

    Make a manual backup — not Home — of your unit’s contents.

  • Delete all the loose files in the root of your device,in other words,all files NOT in any folders.
  • Connect the device to Home and Home should detect you are missing an application and offer to download one.