How can I see a glacier in Juneau?

You can take a taxi from Juneau, drive to the glacier with a rental car, or take the city bus to Glacier Spur Road and walk the rest of the way (1.5 miles). There are also two private tour companies that offer shuttle bus service between Juneau’s cruise dock and the glacier, M&M Tours of Juneau, and Juneau Tours.

Can you walk on glacier in Juneau?

Flightseeing companies offer aerial tours of the Icefield, and helicopter companies can land you right on the ice for a short walk or two-hour hike. Day boat tour companies offer tours of the twin Sawyer Glaciers in Tracy Arm Fjord southeast of Juneau.

How do I get to Mendenhall Glacier?

Getting Here

  1. By car: An easy drive from downtown Juneau, take Egan Drive and turn right at Mendenhall Loop Road which turns into Glacier Spur Road and ends at the Visitor Center.
  2. By shuttle: For a fee, the Glacier Shuttle is quick and convenient with one leaving from downtown every 30 minutes.

Can you walk to Mendenhall Glacier from cruise ship?

The walk from the cruise port to the Downtown Transit Center (DTC) was less than 10 minutes where we caught bus# 3 at 8:05 am and arrived at the Glacier Stop-439 at 8:55 am. From here we walked the 1.5 mile and arrived at the Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center by 9:25 am.

Why is Mendenhall Glacier famous?

It was renamed in honor of Thomas Corwin Mendenhall, the famous American autodidact physicist and meteorologist in 1891. Mendenhall Glacier extends from the Juneau Ice Field, its source, to Mendenhall Lake. The lake is iceberg filled and provides expansive views of the glacier from the water.

Is the Mendenhall Glacier receding?

The US Forest Service, which manages the Mendenhall Glacier, says “because glaciers are a product of climate, they respond to climate change.” The Mendenhall Glacier has retreated approximately 2.5 miles since its most recent maxima during the Little Ice Age in the mid-1700s.

What happens when a glacier calves?

Cows have calves, glaciers calve icebergs, which are chunks of ice that break off glaciers and fall into water. Calving is when chunks of ice break off at the terminus, or end, of a glacier. Ice breaks because the forward motion of a glacier makes the terminus unstable. We call these resulting chunks of ice “icebergs.”

Is Mendenhall Glacier worth seeing?

Mendenhall Glacier welcomes more than 400,000 visitors each year, and it’s easy to see why: aside from its stunning arctic beauty, the glacier is only 12 miles outside Juneau and it’s the only glacier in Southeast Alaska accessible by road (you can easily take a cab here).

How close can you get to Mendenhall Glacier?

It’s a mere 1/3 mile round-trip and takes only 15 minutes. This short walk will take you to the water’s edge for better views of the icebergs and glacier. The picturesque landscape begs to be explored so consider taking one of the Mendenhall Glacier hiking trails.

How thick is the thickest glacier in the world?

4,845 feet
Recognized as the deepest and thickest alpine temperate glacier known in the world, the Taku Glacier is measured at 4,845 feet (1,477 m) thick. It is about 58 kilometres (36 mi) long, and is largely within the Tongass National Forest.

What is Fox Glacier is famous for?

Fox Glacier/Te Moeka o Tuawe is the name of both the glacier and the nearby village and like its bigger neighbouring town Franz Josef, is also world renowned for its untamed natural beauty.

How often do glaciers break?

Many glaciers terminate at oceans or freshwater lakes which results naturally with the calving of large numbers of icebergs. Calving of Greenland’s glaciers produce 12,000 to 15,000 icebergs each year alone. Calving of ice shelves is usually preceded by a rift. These events are not often observed.

How much is the bus fare in Juneau Alaska?

Explore Juneau on the cheap using Juneau’s Capital Transit public transportation system. FARE. Adult fare on Capital Transit is $2 and children (18 & under) are $1. Children 5 years and younger travel free. You’ll want to board with exact fare as bus drivers are not able to make change. Transfers between routes are free.

What to do in Juneau Alaska?

Once you arrive at Juneau’s natural treasure the Mendenhall Glacier , you’re free to explore this wonder from a variety of perspectives like Nugget Creek Falls , Photo Point Trail, which winds along Mendenhall Lake to an unobstructed view of the glacier’s face, or the East Glacier Loop.

How to get to the Mendenhall Glacier visitors’ center?

The Glacier Shuttle is a quick and convenient way to travel to the Mendenhall Glacier Visitors’ Center. Shuttle service is provided under a permit with the USDA Forest Service.

Is there a bus from Mendenhall to Auke Bay?

Both routes run along Mendenhall Loop Road – but in opposite directions. From the Nugget Mall, Route 3 continues towards the Mendenhall Glacier and Route 4 continues to Auke Bay. Buses operate Monday – Friday (6:50 am – 11:45 pm, every half hour) and Weekends (8:48 am – 6:45 pm, every half hour).