How can I get Ncell data package?

How to take/activate a data pack in Ncell?

  1. Dial *17123# on the keypad and make a call.
  2. Choose any one of the data pack with a validity period of your desire and click send.
  3. Then instantly, you will receive a notification on your phone informing about the activation of Ncell data pack.

What is a WiFi SIM?

What is a portable WiFi router? A portable WiFi router is just like your internet box at home, but instead of being attached to a phone cable, they have a SIM card inside instead. If you get an ‘unlocked’ portable WiFi device, this means you can use any SIM card, from anywhere in the world, inside it.

What is Ncell pocket WiFi?

Ncell Brings Wirefree+ HomeNet WiFi Internet Service There are three packages namely HomeNet Ultra, HomeNet Super, and HomeNet Max to provide a smooth wireless internet connection based on 4G. The need for affordable, secure, and fast internet connections is a prominent thing people of Nepal want to experience.

How do I check my Ncell router balance?

Process to check remaining volume Ncell data packs

  1. To know the remaining data volume in Ncell data packs, you need to type S and send a SMS to 17123.
  2. You will also get the remaining data volume and the bonus amounts through SMS, after you dial *101# for checking balance.

How can I get 1GB free data in Ncell?

Ncell launches new version of Ncell App to empower customers

  1. 1GB data for free to customers who download the self-service app for the first time.
  2. Easy online rechange, voice and data packs subscription.
  3. Facility for registering complaints.
  4. Service activation and deactivation facility.

How can I buy 1 GB pack in Ncell?

You can buy a data pack (MB or GB) in Ncell with the following steps.

  1. Dial the code *17123# and select the packs that suit you.
  2. You can find all of the packs that range from Apps only offers to Popular packs to Number of validity days wise offer, Mero Plan, Lockdown offer, Student plan, categories.

Is a data SIM the same as a phone SIM?

Re: Difference between a phone sim and a data sim A phone SIM contains allowances for data, calls & texts. A data SIM contains an allowances for data only., That doesn’t mean you can’t make calls & texts but you pay for them as out-of-allowance..

What is the difference between mobile SIM and data card SIM?

Mobile SIM vs Data SIM Card A mobile SIM allows users to make standard phone calls, send SMS , and connect to the internet via mobile data, while a data SIM card provides only mobile data.

What is the price of WiFi in Nepal?

List of best Internet Service Providers (WiFi) in Nepal:

WiFi Speed Yearly Price
Vianet (with TV) 125Mbps – 250Mbps Rs 13,200 – Rs 18,000
Classic Tech 150Mbps – 1000Mbps Rs 14,388 – Rs 47,988
Nepal Telecom 25Mbps – 80Mbps Rs10,500 – Rs20,500
CG Telecom 50Mbps – 120Mbps Rs 7,718 – Rs 11,988

What is see free in Ncell?

The SEE offer starts from August 31, 2021 (Tuesday). Students can take the Pahilo SIM from the nearest Ncell center. To take Ncell Pahilo SIM, Students need to carry a passport-sized photo, citizenship of their own or parents, and a Grade 10 mark sheet copy. Do check out: Ncell Voice pack at up to 2 paisa per minute.

Can we get free data in Ncell?

With this Ncell customers upgrading their SIM to 4G now get 2GB 4G data for free. This new offer has been launched as a part of the company’s ongoing campaign #FastForwardLife that aims to encourage everyone to reimagine the future and fast forward their life with power of digital.

How can I get free data from Ncell for students?

  1. Dial *17123# and follow the instructions.
  2. Application/ Recommendation letter from respective school- in order to get ‘CUG service’ in the school letter head mentioning the details of students and teachers. Email the application letter at: [email protected]

What is the cost of Ncell mobile data plan?

Ncell also has daily GB data packs with which you get all time 1GB/2GB data per day. However, there are three data plans in this category. Firstly, 1GB per day data for 7 days costs Rs 169, while the same daily data pack of 1GB for 30 days costs Rs 599.

How to use 4G data in Ncell sim?

To use the 4G data in each of the above packs, you need to have a 4G support SIM and 4G support handset. Read more about how to activate 4G and get 1 GB of data free in your NCell SIM. After the consumption of the data volume in the 30 days pack, the customer can surf the internet at Rs 1 per MB until the validity period.

What is the data pack in Ncell for 90 days?

Ncell has now large volume data packs valid for a longer period. Firstly, there is a 60-day pack of Rs 1500 which provides you with 30GB volume. Secondly, there comes 50 GB of data for 90 days at a price of Rs 2000. There used to be a night data pack in Ncell, which is not there now.

What is Ncell connect?

With Ncell Connect, subscribers can use the Ncell cellular network on their desktop computer or laptop or tablet. Ncell provides a USB dongle of the name Ncell connect. Here are the data packs available for Ncell connect. Govt. Taxes (Rs.)