How can I get ACCA card?

To order your TOTUM card, irrespective of where you are studying, enter ‘ACCA’ into the ‘place of study’ field when registering. To apply you will need a webcam or recent photo to upload, and your credit or debit card ready.

How do I get ACCA student number?

We provided your 7-digit ID in your welcome email when you joined as a student. For members, your ACCA ID is also known as your membership ID. If you’re unable to find your ACCA ID, request a reminder. You’ll need your registered email address.

How do I find my ACCA registration code?

In order to register for ACCA One you will need a unique registration code which you’ll enter during your online application. Once you register your details, you’ll be emailed the registration code. If you’re having problems obtaining your registration code, please contact us.

What is ACCA registration number?

Your ACCA institute registration number is your unique ACCA reference number. ACCA will provide you with this ID once you have registered as a member of the institute. You’ll find this on all the correspondence ACCA has sent you.

Who provides ACCA certificate?

Founded in 1904, the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is the global professional accounting body offering the Chartered Certified Accountant qualification (ACCA). It has 233,000 members and 536,000 future members worldwide.

What is ACCA exchange code?

The ACCA Exchange is a service which enables ACCA and the client organisation named below to collect and disclose student, affiliate, and member information (together referred to as ‘individuals’) to each other, in order to process payments for services related to individuals’ ACCA accounts.

What documents do I need to register for ACCA?

ACCA step by step application process

  1. Proof of relevant qualifications including proof of completion certificates and transcripts.
  2. Proof of identification.
  3. Passport-size photograph.
  4. Credit/debit card if completing all of your application online.
  5. Cheque, bank draft or postal order if part completing your application online.

What is an ACCA subscription fee?

A subscription fee is charged in addition to the initial registration fee in your first year as an ACCA student if you are eligible to sit at two or more exam sessions in a calendar year. New students will be charged a subscription fee in addition to their initial registration fee.

How do I become an ACCA student?

You can register online to become an ACCA student at any time of the year. Applying online allows you to upload all your supporting documents. This means your ACCA application will be processed much quicker and you will know at which level you can start your studies shortly after submitting your application. Ready to begin your application?

How do I take the ACCA module online?

The module becomes available to you online when you have completed the first three exams of the ACCA Qualification (Accountant in Business (AB), Management Accounting (MA) and Financial Accounting (FA)), although it is recommended that you complete all nine Applied Knowledge and Skills exams before taking it.

Does ACCA provide tuition for its qualifications?

As an awarding body, ACCA relies on its global network of third party tuition providers to help our students prepare for their exams. Please note, ACCA does not provide tuition for its qualifications. ACCA recommends that you use one of our approved tuition providers.