Does Wiley X have glass lenses?

Wiley X does not use glass lenses. Instead, they use a patented polycarbonate material called Selenite™ to make lenses that are shatterproof, ballistics-grade, and 10 times more impact-resistant than glass.

What color lens is best for night riding on a motorcycle?

clear lenses
Tyler says most motorcycle riders he knows also ride at night, and clear lenses are the best for that. But while they’re best for the nighttime, you’re going to be squinting during the daytime.

What lenses are best for motorcycle riding?

Having a good pair of polarized lenses will help greatly reduce glare and provide a clear and crisp view of the road and other vehicles. One added benefit of polarized lenses is that they will also cut down on the glare that comes off of a car’s windshield or a wet road.

Are night driving glasses useful?

Since the sudden brightness or glare of these light can cause momentary blindness and lead to freak accidents, you should use night driving glasses to reduce the glare. Driving glasses are not just meant for night driving but also for day time driving, helping you focus on people and objects better, even in the dark.

What glasses do bikers wear?

A pair of safety glasses with polarized lenses or goggles protect your eyes from dust, dirt, rain and all sorts of debris when you are riding at high speeds. This is especially important because of how fatal distractions can be while you are on the road.

Are polarized glasses good for motorcycle riding?

Motorcyclists should ALWAYS wear polarized sunglasses or goggles or motorcyclist should NEVER wear polarized lenses.

Why choose Wiley X motorcycle glasses?

For a complete breakdown of how to pick motorcycle glasses, check out our Motorcycle Sunglasses and Goggles Buyer’s Guide. Wiley X combines rigorous ANSI standards with style to create frames that work on and off the bike. Both frames and lenses have passed high mass impact testing and high velocity impact tests.

What are the best motorcycle glasses?

Wiley X® Motorcycle Glasses & Prescription Motorcycle Glasses. Wiley X sunglasses make for the best motorcycle glasses for more reasons than one. Wiley X motorcycle glasses are constructed with nylon frame material to make up the most durable pair of motorcycle glasses.

Are there any replacement parts for the WileyX glasses?

Replacement Parts. One of the things I love about the Wileyx glasses is that you can get the replacement gaskets for them. I ride motorcycle cross co… Replacement Parts. One of the things I love about the Wileyx glasses is that you can get the replacement gaskets for them. I ride motorcycle cross co… Awesome!

Are Wiley X lenses impact-resistant?

In addition to being impact-resistant, all Wiley X lenses deliver superior optics. Our Sports Opticians often recommend CAPTIVATE™ lenses for contrast-enhancement, true depth perception, and Rx-ability. If you need specific lens color recommendations, visit our Guide to Picking Motorcycle Lenses. Let’s check out the frames!