Does Rosie choose Spence for Ernesto?

Apparently he faked his death and has spent the last five years with the Gaviota Cartel. Rosie fights her feelings for both Spence and Ernesto, but ends up choosing Ernesto.

Does Zoila get caught?

Frances catches Zoila and Kyle after sex, and forbids Zoila from ever coming back. Genevieve shares to Rosie that she had to reveal her secrets on film to be initiated into The Circle. Rosie plans to find the tape. Evelyn wants to become a better person while dating James.

Does Rosie find out about Ernesto?

Rosie goes to visit Ernesto and tell him that she knows he was the one who let Hector in to kidnap Katy. She also figure out that he wasn’t a hostage of the cartel because he was working for them. He tells Rosie the truth about working for them in order to keep her and Miguel safe.

Who was the killer in Devious Maids?

Season 3 Deaths

Character Cause of Death
Pablo Diaz Murdered Cause: Shot in the chest Killer: Ty McKay Episode: “Awakenings”
Louie Becker Murdered Cause: Impaled by a glass shard Killer: Sebastien Dussault Episode: “Anatomy of a Murder”

Does Ernesto and Rosie get back together?

A kind man who worked as a police officer, Ernesto eventually winds up a member of the Gaviota Drug Cartel, and his death is faked for the next five years. Eventually getting away from all that, he reappears in Rosie’s life as she has just remarried, wishing to resume the life they once lived.

Who got shot at Rosie’s wedding in Devious Maids?

Ty manages to shoot Valentina’s father, Pablo, the priest and the new bride, Rosie. It’s a relief finally knowing who got shot, but now all I want to do is give Ty a serious beat down! Luckily, Rosie is still alive but she banged her head on the ground really hard as she fell and wound up in a coma for four months.

Does Zola have a baby in Devious Maids?

Years of this, as well as raising her daughter, Valentina, has gotten to Zoila and put her in the mindset of always needing to take charge of what goes on around her.

What was Flora’s Secret in Devious Maids?

As the housekeeper for the infamous Evelyn and Adrian Powell, Flora was perhaps the most devious maid of all, having shared her notorious plan with all her maid friends to get pregnant with a rich man’s baby and then blackmail him into giving her lots of money.

Does Rosie Go back to Ernesto?