Does Ohio have any precious metals?

Beautiful and colorful crystals of such minerals as calcite, celestite, pyrite, selenite gypsum, and sphalerite, among others, can be found along with small flakes of gold, colorful flint, and rare meteorites and diamonds. Minerals occur in a variety of areas in Ohio in association with sediments or sedimentary rocks.

Can I sell my gold directly to a refinery?

If you sell your items straight to a refinery you are able to cut out the middle-man and get paid much more for your gold. Precious metals refineries are definitely the best place to sell gold and Cascade Refining is indeed an actual refinery.

Are OPM silver bars good?

These precious silver bars also make excellent gifts to mark important occasions. OPM has been a trusted precious metals refinery since 1974. In fact, most of their precious metal products are IRA-eligible including this 10 oz OPM Silver Bar. These bars make great investments.

Which refinery gold is best?

MMTC-PAMP has the largest BIS-certified refinery for gold and silver in India. We currently have an installed refining capacity of 300 tons of gold and 600 tons of silver per year.

Is there gold in Ohio creeks?

Ohio Gold Finds There are several creeks within the county that are known to produce gold, including Honey Creek, Friends Creek, and Leatherwood Creek. Commercial Gold mining in the state was set up in several different areas at different times during the 1800’s and early 1900’s in Ohio.

How much do gold refiners charge?

Scrap Gold: Karat or Purity Price Paid Refining Lots
18k Gold, 75% Pure Up to: $44.83 / gram, $1,394.23 / ozt
Gold Nuggets, Placer Gold, 90% Pure Up to: $53.79 / gram, $1,673.07 / ozt
22k Gold, 91.7% Pure Up to: $54.81 / gram, $1,704.68 / ozt
24k Gold, 99.9% Pure Up to: $59.71 / gram, $1,857.11 / ozt

What happened to Elemetal?

Elemetal was fined $15 million. In April 2019, Republic Metals Corporation “executed a non-prosecution agreement” with the USDA in the ongoing Operation Arch Stanton investigation which had ensnared the three former employees of the now-defunct NTR Metals Miami.