Does Luxor have robes?

Luxor Linens’ cotton robes are enjoyed in spas, hotels, and homes worldwide for their durable, highly absorbent and ultra soft properties. Our robes are made of the highest quality 100% Egyptian cotton and are the most comfortable and lightweight robes available!

Where are Luxor Linens made?

The Egyptian cotton is composed of the finest extra-non staple, only found in Giza, Egypt! The organic cotton in some of the other Luxor Linens products, is grown without the use of chemicals or pesticides, making it eco-friendly textile.

What material are hotel robes made out of?

You can find these robes in 5-star hotels, cruise ships, and spas! They are made in several different sizes and 8 different colors. They are made from 100% polyester and designed with a twill microfiber outer shell as well as a soft minx inner lining.

What hotels give you a robe?

Luxury Hotel Collection Bathrobes

  • Four Seasons Hotel Bathrobes.
  • The Ritz Carlton Hotel Bathrobe.
  • St Regis Hotel Bathrobes.
  • Edition Hotel Bathrobes.
  • Wynn Las Vegas Bathrobes.

Who owns Luxor linen?

Luxor Linens

Type Private
Founded 2005
Founder Jack Nekhala and Michael Nusinkis
Headquarters New Jersey, United States
Area served Global locations

Is Luxor linen a good brand?

Luxor Linen is one of Australia’s leading supplier of quality and luxury bedding and manchester. From premium customer service and support, to leading brands in cotton and wool manchester, we’ve been selling the best in quilts, sheets and toppers since the inception of our company.

What is the softest material for robes?

Egyptian cotton is usually more absorbent, but Turkish cotton becomes even softer and fluffier over time. Fleece: If you’re looking for both warmth and softness, then fleece is a great pick for your robe material.

Can you buy a robe from a hotel?

Westin spa robe Meet your self care uniform: an irresistibly soft microfiber robe from Westin Hotels. The luxury spa robe features elegant stitching and a classic shawl collar. It’s a one-size-fits-all long robe that measures 48 inches.

Can I steal a hotel pillow?

Since both the pillows and robes are hotel property, they are not meant to be taken, either.

What size should a robe be?

Robe Size Chart

Item Description & Sizes Sleeve Length Hem Length
S/M (size 6 – 12) 18″ 47″
L (size 12 – 18) 22″ 52″
XL (size 16 – 18) tall size 26″ 58.75″
XXL (size 18 – 3X) 24″ 52″