Does Cobra still make CB radios?

This brand is well known throughout the world for their innovative designs and variety of products. Cobra Electronics® makes CB Radios, two way radios, radar detectors, action cameras, VHF radios, and more.

Are Cobra CB radios any good?

Cobra® makes some of the best quality radios available today. The 29 LTD has features like a built in SWR meter, noise blanker, and delta tune. Uniden PRO510XL: This radio is simple to use and is very durable. If you don’t need any of the fancier features, consider this one.

What kind of antenna do I need for Cobra CB radio?

If you are using a CB radio in your home, you will need a base-station antenna mounted on your roof. You do NOT want to use a mobile antenna. Mobile antennas are designed strictly for vehicles and will not work properly for base-station use. And any kind of indoor antenna will get truly lousy range.

How far can a Cobra CB radio go?

CB radios have a range of about 3 miles (4.8 km) to 20 miles (32 km) depending on terrain, for line of sight communication; however, various radio propagation conditions may intermittently allow communication over much greater distances.

What is the new Cobra CB radio?

The 29 LX is a professional CB radio with a selectable 4-color LCD display based on the 29 LTD Classic platform with added diagnostics and monitoring features. The Cobra 29 NW adds NightWatch® illumination to the 29 LTD classic platform for enhanced safety and convenience.

What is the best CB radio of all time?

Best All-in-One Unit – Cobra 75 WX ST.

  • Best Full-Sized Radio – Cobra 29 Series.
  • Best Heavy-Duty Radio – Uniden Pro 510 XL.
  • Best Portable Radio – Midland 75-822.
  • Best Long Range CB – The Cobra 148 GTL.
  • Best Value Radio – Midland 1001 LWX.
  • How far will a Cobra 29 put out?

    Expect to get approx 5-7 miles with dual 4′ antennas. Dual Wilson 2000 Trucker Antennas: One of, if not THE, most popular trucker style antenna on the road! With these center load antennas you can expect to talk approximately 10 to 12 miles.

    What is the most commonly used CB channel?

    Channel 19
    Channel 19 is the most commonly-used channel by truck drivers on highways, to the point that some radios even have a dedicated button to bring up channel 19 instantly. In many areas of the US, other channels have been used in the past for similar purposes including 10, 17, and 21.

    What is the best Cobra CB radio?

    Cobra 29LX- The Best Choice

  • Cobra HH50WXST
  • Cobra 29 LX MAX- Wireless CB from Cobra
  • Cobra 29NW
  • Cobra 19DXIV- The most compact choice
  • How do you install a Cobra CB radio?

    The wider the magnet,the better it will adhere to the vehicle.

  • Using a base-loaded,very flexible whip antenna will stay on the vehicle better when you’re offroad.
  • Route the antenna wire backward towards a rear window or door so it doesn’t get hooked by a tree branch.
  • Where to buy Cobra CB radios?

    40 Channel CB Radio

  • RF Gain Reduce Sensitivity To Distant Noise And Signals That Are Too Weak
  • Front Panel 2.1 Amp USB Port To Use And Charge Your Portable Devices
  • What is the best CB radios?

    Full-Featured 40-Channel CB Radio

  • BearTracker Warning System — Legal alternative to Radar Detectors
  • Police,Fire,EMS,DOT Scanner including Digital
  • GPS Included for precise radio system selection
  • USA/Canada Database of All Known Radio Systems