Can you put a winch on a Ram 1500?

Winch Mounting Luckily for Ram 1500 owners, the aftermarket is loaded with bumpers ready to mount a winch. Mounting the winch on the bumper is perfect because the winch is tucked away behind heavy gauge steel. While you’re out crawling over rocks and stumps you can rest easy knowing your winch will not get smashed up.

Can you put a winch on any bumper?

You can mount the winch on the existing bumper or on a specialty bumper — as long as the bumper you choose is rated for and configured to accept a mounted winch. You can hire a welder to craft a custom winch mount/bumper for your vehicle.

Do I need a winch cradle?

If your vehicle has an alloy bull bar, chances are (if a winch compatible model) you’ll have to equip it with an optional winch cradle, which will be made of steel so it’s capable of handling heavy winch loads. Again, you’ll have to consider the best place to mount the winch controller.

How thick should winch plate be?

So what’s the ideal steel plate thickness to support a winch and the force of recovering a vehicle? The answer is 3/16″-1/4″, depending on where the piece of steel is located in the bumper.

Can you put a bumper on a Dodge Ram 1500?

Dodge Ram 1500 Bumpers for a powerful truck The Dodge 1500 may be a light-duty pickup truck, but it’s got it where it counts. With spectacular mileage and horsepower, you can do a lot with a vehicle like this. Provided you keep it protected. A custom bumper goes with a Dodge Ram 1500 like mashed potatoes go with steak. Complete your truck today.

Where can I buy winch ready bumpers?

Fleet Trucks Dealers Winch Ready Bumpers, 4311 Caterpillar Road, Redding, CA, 96003(530) [email protected] Copyright 2017 | Winch Ready Bumpers | All Rights Reserved

What goes with a Dodge Ram 1500?

A custom bumper goes with a Dodge Ram 1500 like mashed potatoes go with steak. Complete your truck today. Our bumpers are more than an add-on – they are specifically built to look like a natural part of your Dodge Ram 1500

How much does a winch weigh?

Each one of the winches is rated up to 9,500 or 12,000 pounds, for your convenience. The winches come with synthetic rope that is durable and reaches up to 90 feet or more. The electric motors equipped in the winch will provide you with the power you need and move the rope seamlessly without a struggle.