Can you play as Ada RE4?

Ada is playable in Resident Evil 4 in her own scenario: Separate Ways, which is unlocked by completing the main game with Leon. She differs from him in that her running speed is faster and her melee attacks are different: her head melee attack is the “Fan Kick” and her leg attack is the “Back Kick”.

What do you get for completing Assignment Ada Resident Evil 4?

Completing Assignment Ada unlocks the Chicago Typewriter for purchase in Separate Ways for 300,000 pesetas. From there, completing Separate Ways once unlocks the Chicago Typewriter for purchase in the main game for 1,000,000 pesetas.

How do you unlock Ada Wong in Resident Evil 4?

In order to unlock Ada, you must first beat Village with Leon with at least a four star ranking. Ada Wong is a tough character with tons of weapons. She has the Fan Kick as a melee move and 6.5 cells of health.

Is Ada Wong playable?

Answer: The short answer is yes, Ada is playable in the remake of RE 2. Without spoiling too much of the story, partway through Leon’s campaign, you’ll automatically have to play as Ada for a while.

Does RE4 VR have Ada?

In the original Resident Evil 4, Mercenaries was available as an unlockable extra after finishing the campaign. The two other unlockables, Assignment Ada and Separate Ways, are also absent in the VR version.

What’s the difference between separate ways and Assignment Ada?

Assignment Ada unlocks the Chicago Typewriter for Separate Ways. Separate Ways is a mini-campaign as Ada showing what she was doing during the main game. Assignment Ada is a non-canon side mission with no save points.

How do you unlock assignments in Ada?

Beat the main game once. Obtain a 5 star rank with all characters on all stages in the Mercenaries minigame. Clearing the Assignment Ada mini-game unlocks this for the maingame in the Gamecube version, but unlocks it for Separate Ways in all other versions. Beating Separate Ways will then unlock it for the main game.

Should I play separate ways or Assignment Ada first?

You do Assignment Ada first because you have to unlock the Chicago Typewriter for the Separate Ways minigame to give Ada more firepower. After you complete Separate Ways, you’ll unlock the Chicago Typewriter in the main game wheras the original Gamecube version, you unlock it only after you complete Assignment Ada.

Is separate ways hard?

Seperate ways is a lot shorter and hard in some ways that the normal game. I found that some parts (i played it after my first run of the main game) were really difficult because of too many enemies/strength of enemies were too high and too many lol.

Is Ada in love with Leon?

Ada is as much in love with Leon Kennedy as every psychopath is with the one person they allow to live so they can point to that person and say “I’m not a monster. I didn’t kill them.” She uses him and nothing more. Keeping Leon from getting killed works in her favour.

What is missing from re4 VR?

It’s been revealed by IGN that Resident Evil 4 VR is missing the unlockable game modes found in other versions of the game. This includes the Resident Evil 4 Mercenaries Mode, Assignment Ada, and Separate Ways.

How do you pass Resident Evil 4?

– main buildings (four houses and a barn) – a tower – flat-roofed metal building – several shacks

What is the scariest part in Resident Evil 4?

xenosaga123 5 years ago #2. the only scary part of RE Remake is Lisa and the arachnids, and that’s if you find that scary at all. the crimson heads and hunters can be scary, but if you know how to…

How to beat Resident Evil 4?

When you get to the spot where the game gives you the “look” option,there should be a side path that leads behind a house.

  • Run around the village and collect as much ammo as you can without killing people. Also collect the red,yellow and green plants.
  • Know the terrain.
  • How do you get all weapons on Resident Evil 4?


  • Riot Gun
  • Striker