Can you buy Damien Hirst prints?

Prints by Hirst can be found easily through auction houses, private dealers or brokers, such as MyArtbroker. Bear in mind you will pay more when you buy via a hughstreet gallery, and most auction houses will change you 25% on the hammer, plus VAT.

How much are Damien Hirst prints worth?

The most ever paid for a Damien Hirst painting is $19,213,270 for the painting. Hirst has sold several paintings in this range including The Golden Calf (2008) for $18,556,270 and The Kingdom (2008) for $17,150,010.

How much are Damien Hirst spot paintings?

Starting today, they’re selling the dots for $480 each. Meanwhile, the original print, now just a piece of paper with 88 holes and Hirst’s signature, is up for auction for a minimum of $126,500.

How do I contact Damien Hirst?

His varied practice explores the complex relationships between art, religion, science, life and death.

  1. Newport St, London, Greater London, SE11 6AJ, United Kingdom.
  2. Phone Number: +44 20 3141 9333.
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  5. $22 Million.

Why does Damien Hirst use butterflies?

Damien Hirst’s unique approach to his art lies in the concept that art is a reflection of life. His use of the butterfly speaks to this concept, as the butterfly symbolizes the circle of life, growth, and change. Each butterfly is also born with a completely unique pattern, mimicking the individuality of each human.

Did Damien Hirst make his own art?

But the real reason Hirst is such a sore spot for many in the art community is that he doesn’t physically create most of his own work. His $78 million diamond-encrusted skull was made by royal jewelers Bentley & Skinner. The artist’s stuffed shark was produced by MDM Props of London, a theatrical company.

How many paintings has Damien Hirst painted?

Since 1986, Damien Hirst has produced over 1,000 spot paintings. The dots, which may appear machine-made but are each done by hand, celebrate technical precision and the simple joys of color.

Is Damien Hirst on twitter?

Damien Hirst (@hirst_official) / Twitter.