Can international students study in TAFE Australia?

TAFE (Technical and Further Education) provides a range of courses for international students including: English language.

Is TAFE free in NSW?

Fee-free if eligible for JobTrainer. To be eligible for a fully subsidised place you must meet Smart and Skilled eligibility guidelines which are: live or work in NSW. be an Australian Citizen, a permanent resident, a New Zealand citizen, or a humanitarian visa holder.

How many free TAFE courses can I do NSW?

A suite of 21 fee-free TAFE NSW short courses are available online to assist anyone across the State who wants to upskill during the COVID-19 pandemic, following an announcement from the NSW Government today.

Can you study at uni and TAFE at the same time Australia?

Currently TAFE NSW offers Diploma to Degree programs with some “partner” universities. This means it’s possible to enrol in a TAFE NSW Diploma or Advanced Diploma as well as a related university Degree course at the same time.

Is TAFE internationally Recognised?

We’re government owned TAFE NSW is a government-owned, government-operated and government-accredited, and therefore, secure, stable, professionally managed and internationally recognised. We offer high quality education We have highly qualified teachers with business and industry experience.

Is TAFE a good option?

TAFE NSW Degrees and higher education options are your best option for tomorrow’s careers. TAFE NSW received the second highest score for overall graduate satisfaction compared to universities in NSW. 83.3% student satisfaction is good, but we know we have to do even better!

How do you qualify for JobTrainer?

To qualify for subsidised training under NSW JobTrainer you must be: a resident of NSW, aged 17-24 years of age or currently unemployed (this includes people who are new to the workforce or need to re-skill due to job loss) or receiving an income support payment (eg, JobSeeker, Austudy, Youth Allowance).

Can I change my TAFE course NSW?

If your course is available at a TAFE NSW campus you may be able to transfer. Please contact the customer contact centre.

Can you do the HSC at TAFE?

Through the TAFE NSW HSC, TPC, Further Study and Career Pathways courses, you can gain the qualifications you need to broaden your career opportunities for a brighter future.

Is TAFE NSW good for international students?

TAFE NSW offers a range of pathway programs that provide guaranteed entry into a number of Australian universities. A TAFE NSW higher education degree is a valuable qualification for your future. TAFE NSW English Language courses offer flexible study options at 5 locations across NSW.

Can international students study at TAFE NSW?

The TAFE NSW to University programs provide international students a pathway to enter a Bachelor Degree. For example, students who successfully complete the Advanced Diploma of Accounting at TAFE NSW can gain entry into the Australian Catholic University and receive up to 1 year credit towards a Bachelor of Commerce degree (a three-year course).

Why study a TAFE degree?

TAFE Degrees are taught by industry experts in a dynamic, progressive learning environment, with access to industry standard facilities and equipment. Together, with our strong industry links and a diverse range of extracurricular student programs, our quality degree courses set us apart from the rest. Why study a degree with TAFE NSW?

Why choose tatafe NSW?

TAFE NSW offers English language courses which are available in a number of study locations. Students have access to flexible start dates, affordable fees and highly qualified teachers who provide individual learning support throughout the program.

How do I apply for a TAFE course in Australia?

First check with the Australian Embassy in your country to see if you are eligible to apply for a student visa. If you are, you can go online to research what TAFE courses for international students are available and how to go about applying for them.