Can I use UnionPay in the US?

In the US, UnionPay is accepted at over 80% of physical merchant stores and almost all ATMs, and the UnionPay network is adding new merchants every day. In the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, UnionPay is partnering with Discover to be accepted in its network.

Where can I use UnionPay?

So far, UnionPay cards are accepted for cash withdrawal at 1.7 million ATMs outside mainland China, covering major travel destinations like Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, Southeast Asia, United Arab Emirates, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Europe and the United States. Cardholders can withdraw cash from local ATMs.

Is UnionPay accepted in Canada?

In Canada, UnionPay cards are accepted at the shops, hotels, franchised stores most frequented by tourists. Over 90% of the local ATMs accept UnionPay cards for withdrawing Canadian Dollar. In Canada, merchants displaying the signage of all accept UnionPay cards.

Does UnionPay work in Canada?

UnionPay is now accepted at 90% of ATMs and more than 100,000 merchant locations in Canada. The transaction number of UnionPay cards in Canada grew by over 100% during the first three quarters of this year. Canada is one of the countries with the largest number of overseas Chinese, whom work and study there.

Where is UnionPay accepted in Canada?

How do I pay my UnionPay?

  1. Press “More” on the front page of the “UnionPay” mobile app.
  2. Choose “KAOHSIUNG Metro Code” in Overseas Services.
  3. Tick “I Agree” and “Read and Agree with the Notice on.
  4. Press “Activate UnionPay Frictionless Payment”
  5. Done.

Does Amazon accept UnionPay cards?

Amazon accepts UnionPay on, in addition to a number of other payment methods. Customers can use most credit cards, as well as Amazon-brand gift cards, AmazonPay and similar methods. Customers don’t have to use Amazon China in order to use UnionPay and can use it on most global Amazon platforms.