Can I still use my Netgear Stora?

Yes, you can access the Stora web GUI from your local LAN by opening a web browser and entering “http://IP_Address/?local=1”. To access your Stora remotely, open your browser and go to

What file system does Netgear Stora use?

Linux XFS file system
This STORA appears to use a software RAID configuration and the data is formatted using the Linux XFS file system. The basic idea is to have a desktop PC running linux, such as 64-bit Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 (RHEL6) or CentOS6 which supports the XFS file system.

How do I connect to Netgear Stora?

Connect one end of the provided Ethernet cable to your router and the other end to the back of the Stora unit. 3. Plug in the power adapter to a power source and connect the other end to the unit.

How do I reset my Netgear Stora password?

To reset your Stora administrator password:

  1. Insert the Setup CD into your PC or Mac.
  2. Click Reset Tools.
  3. Once the IP address of your Stora device displays take note of it and click Reset.
  4. Click OK, and then reboot the Stora.
  5. After the Stora reboots, right-click the Stora Agent icon, and select Open Stora Application.

How do I reset my Netgear Stora to factory settings?

Locate the Reset button on the back of the Stora unit. Press and hold the Reset button until the front HD LED blinks 7 times, at 5 second intervals. Release the Reset button after the 6th consecutive flash of HD lights. The Power LED flashes for about20 seconds and then lights up solid blue.

Will Netgear discontinue support for Stora?

In view that Netgear will discontinue support for Stora after 1st April 2020, I have decided to purchase an alternative NAS and for the time being I have disconnected my Stora from the network. I only used to switch on STORA during backup and usually I had STORA runing for 24 hours every week rather than continously on.

What is Netgear technical support?

NETGEAR provides complimentary technical support for NETGEAR products for 90 days from the original date of purchase. A single point of support around the clock. GearHead Technical Support makes it easy to fix issues on not just your NETGEAR purchase but for your entire home network. The service includes support for the following:

What is included in the Netgear prosupport for Home Service?

The service includes support for the following: Protect and support your recent NETGEAR purchase. With NETGEAR ProSupport for Home, extend your warranty entitlement and support coverage further and get access to experts you trust. NETGEAR ProSupport for Business services are available to supplement your technical support and warranty entitlements.