Are Yasiin Bey and Mos Def the same person?

Yasiin Bey (/jæˈsiːn ˈbeɪ/; born Dante Terrell Smith, December 11, 1973), previously known by his stage name Mos Def (/ˌmoʊs ˈdɛf/), is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and actor.

Why did Yasiin Bey change his name?

During the interview (photo by Steven Pan/GQ), the rapper explained why he decided to switch his name and how it stemmed from materialistic pressures. “I began to fear that Mos Def was being treated as a product, not a person, so I’ve been going by Yasiin since ’99,” he said.

Is Yasiin Bey in America?

Bey no longer lives in the US, and recently explained the reasons for his move to South Africa to Rolling Stone, saying: “I lived in Brooklyn 33 years of my life. I thought I’d be buried in that place. And around seven years ago, I was like, you know, ‘I gotta go, I gotta leave. ‘ It’s very hard to leave.

Is Yasiin Bey married?

Alana Wyattm. 2005
Maria Yepesm. 1996–2006
Mos Def/Spouse

Where is Yasiin Bey from?

Brooklyn, New York, NYMos Def / Place of birth

Why is Yasiin Bey banned?

Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) Allowed to Leave South Africa, Barred From Re-Entry. For most of 2016, Yasiin Bey (fka Mos Def) has been out on bail in South Africa, where he was charged in January with using a false passport and travel document while attempting to leave the country.

What happened to yasiin?

Yasiin Bey—the artist formerly known as Mos Def—has announced his retirement, reports Billboard. “I’m retiring from the music recording industry as it is currently assembled today, and also from Hollywood, effective immediately,” Bey said in an audio message posted on Kanye West’s officially website.

Who is Talib Kweli wife?

DJ EqueTalib Kweli / Wife (m. 2009)

Who is Mos Def married to now?

Why was Mos Def kicked out of South Africa?

Mos Def has been allowed out of South Africa, 11 months after getting arrested for using the wrong passport. The rapper, who’s also known as Yasiin Bey, has been living in the country since 2013 but was stopped from leaving in January.

Why can’t Mos Def come to America?

The “Mathematics” rapper, who has been living in South Africa for the past year, has been barred by “immigration/legal issues,” according to a statement on the Boston Together Music Festival site flagged by London’s The Guardian.