Are there still Rechabites today?

As of now there are 17 tents and 5 Regions of the Victorian Rechabites still actively operating today upholding the ideals of an alcohol free lifestyle. In 1920 the decision was made to purchase a building to house the Victorian Rechabite operation.

Who are the Rechabites in the Bible?

The Rechabites were separatists who refused to participate in agricultural pursuits, drink wine, or engage in other practices associated with the Canaanites. Believing that the semi-nomadic way of life was a religious obligation, they herded their flocks over much of Israel and Judah.

What tribe are the Rechabites?

The Rechabites belonged to the Kenites, who accompanied the Israelites into the Holy Land and dwelt among them.

Where do the Rechabites live?

A branch may be known as a “Tent”, since the biblical Rechabites lived exclusively in tents. Each Tent is ruled by a High Chief Ruler, assisted by a High Deputy Ruler, Corresponding Secretary, Sick and Tent Stewards, Inside and Outside Guardians, a Levite of the Tent and a number of Elders.

What is the meaning of Jeremiah 35?

This chapter records the meeting of Jeremiah with the Rechabites, a nomadic clan, in which the prophet “contrast[s] their faithfulness to the commands of a dead ancestor with the faithlessness of the people of Judah to the commands of a living God”. Jeremiah 35.

Who rescued Jeremiah from a cistern?

Ebed-Melech is notable for rescuing the prophet Jeremiah from the cistern into which he had been cast to his death. Later Jeremiah relayed God’s message to him saying that he, Ebed-Melech, would “not fall by the sword” during the Fall of Jerusalem to the Babylonians because he had put his trust in Him (God).

Who was the king who burnt the Bible?

4 On burning of Lutheran literature in England see Carl Meyer, »Henry VIII Burns Luther’s Books, 12 May 1521«,The Journal of Ecclesiastical History IX, no.

Who were the Rechabites in the Bible?

The Rechabites were descendants of Rechab (or Recab or Rekab), a Kenite and thus related to the Midianites and Moses’ family by marriage (see Judges 1:16 ). According to Jeremiah 35:6, the Rechabites’ strict rules were put in place by a son (or descendant) of Rechab named Jehonadab (or Jonadab).

What does the Bible say about convicts in Australia?

[Genesis 39:22] AND THE KEEPER OF THE PRISON COMMITTED [Hebrew “vayitaN\\ TO JOSEPH’S HAND [Hebrew “beYad\\ ALL THE PRISONERS [Hebrew “ha-asiriM\\ THAT WERE IN THE PRISON; AND WHATSOEVER THEY DID THERE, HE WAS THE DOER OF IT. Australia started off as a penal colony and most of its first inhabitants were convicts.

Who are the Independent Order of Rechabites?

The Independent Order of Rechabites (IOR) are a group of organisations who have been involved with spreading the message regarding the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse for over 170 years throughout Australia.

What can we learn from the Rechabites?

The Rechabites stood firm against assimilating into the culture of the time. They were commended by God for their faithfulness and obedience to their father. The Rechabites are an example of steadfastness. God desires His people to live in obedience and steadfastness to Him.