Are masks required at Kentucky Expo Center?

The Kentucky Exposition Center is state property and must comply with a directive issued last week requiring masks inside state buildings.

What part of Louisville is the Expo Center?

Located just minutes from downtown near the Muhammad Ali Louisville International Airport, the Kentucky Exposition Center is the permanent home of large-scale events like the National Farm Machinery Show, Kentucky State Fair and the North American International Livestock Exposition. Click to see more virtual tours.

How big is Freedom Hall in Louisville Ky?

The reduced capacity – from roughly 19,000 to current levels of slightly more than 13,000 – threatens to keep Louisville from competing for at least two events that require larger venues, said Dave Patrone, senior sales manager at the exposition center.

Where is Freedom Hall volleyball?

Freedom Hall is a multipurpose arena in Louisville, Kentucky, on the grounds of the Kentucky Exposition Center, which is owned by the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Can you conceal carry at Kentucky State Fair?

Lawson provided incorrect information to the Courier-Journal Friday, saying that firearms — carried openly or concealed — are not permitted on the fairgrounds. Per Kentucky State laws, that is not the case. Lawson confirmed Saturday that individuals of legal age are allowed to possess firearms on the fairgrounds.

How big is the Louisville Expo Center?

1,300,000 square feet
The Kentucky Exposition Center (KEC), is a large multi-use facility in Louisville, Kentucky, United States. Originally built in 1956. It is overseen by the Kentucky Venues and is the sixth largest facility of its type in the U.S., with 1,300,000 square feet (120,000 m2) of indoor space.

Is Freedom Hall still standing?

Center opened in 2010. It is still used regularly, however, hosting concerts, horse shows, conventions, and basketball games….Freedom Hall.

Location 937 Phillips Lane, Louisville, Kentucky
Owner Kentucky State Fair Board
Operator Kentucky State Fair Board
Capacity 18,865 (basketball) 19,200 (concerts)

When did Louisville Gardens close?

The Louisville Gardens closed in 2008 and is currently used for storage. The estimated cost to redevelop this historic property is at least $40 million.

Will there be a Kentucky State Fair this year?

The 2021 Kentucky State Fair is Aug. 19-29 at the Kentucky Exposition Center.

Is there alcohol at the Kentucky State Fair?

New this year is the Bourbon, Bites & Brews tent, featuring Jim Beam cocktails, craft beers and mini dishes, such as beef, pork and fried green tomato sliders. Cocktails include the Devil’s Cut Old Fashioned, Bonded Berry Smash, Red Stag & Cola and The Kentuckian. The tent will close around midnight daily.

Can I bring my dog to the KY State Fair?

DOG NOTICE Dogs will not be permitted on the grounds of the Kentucky Exposition Center during the course of the Kentucky State Fair except those under leash control of the owner. Any dog running free will be impounded and removed from the grounds.

What is the Kentucky Exposition Center?

The Kentucky Exposition Center is one of the top 10 largest public facilities of its kind in the U.S. Home to the Kentucky State Fair, National Farm Machinery Show, North American International Livestock Expo and some of the top tradeshows in the country. Suggest edits to improve what we show.

Why choose the Kentucky International Convention Center?

Since re-opening our doors, the Kentucky International Convention Center has stayed true to our responsibility and vision – to create event experiences that leave our guests excited to come back to Louisville. The success of your event is just as important to us as it is to you.

What to do in Louisville Ky?

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