Are Kohler shower valves universal?

This new system is versatile and easy to install, with the same dependability you rely on when it comes to your KOHLER bath or shower. The Rite-Temp universal valve system. The next generation of shower valving. Fits every KOHLER Trim (Trim family may require adapter kit.)

How do you remove a Kohler K 304?

Remove the Pressure Balancing Unit

  1. Turn off the water supply.
  2. Rotate the handle to the ON position to relieve water pressure.
  3. Unthread the two screws from the valve body.
  4. Remove the black cap.
  5. Pull out the pressure balancing unit.

How do you adjust a Kohler Rite Temp shower valve?

Rotate the valve stem clockwise to turn the water on. Test the water temperature with a thermometer. When the desired water temperature has been reached, replace the red or black collar on the valve stem. Turn the stem counterclockwise to turn the water off.

How can I tell what shower valve I have?

1. Count the Number of Shower Faucet Handles. Often, the type of shower faucet and handle(s) will indicate what kind of shower valve is behind it. Zero handles may imply a shower panel faucet with buttons to control water flow and temperature.

How does a shower diverter valve work?

How Do Shower Diverters Work? The water pipe that connects to your tub faucet also extends vertically to your showerhead. When the diverter valve is open, water flows directly through the faucet and into the tub. However, when you want to take a shower, you lift the knob or lever to close the diverter valve.

How do you adjust a hot water shower valve?

Adjust the Shower Valve

  1. Remove the handle. You may need a screwdriver to do this.
  2. Take off the metal cover beneath the handle, exposing the valve stem.
  3. Turn the RSL two notches in whichever direction desired, then put the RSL back in place.
  4. Replace the faucet handle, then test the mixture of hot and cold water.

How do you replace a Kohler shower head?

Use a clean strap wrench to remove the showerhead from the shower arm. Use a thin bladed screwdriver to carefully remove the screen washer. Gently clean the screen washer. Reinstall the screen washer and showerhead.