Are Kelli and Daniel from Fitness Blender married?

About an hour north of Seattle, inside an unassuming garage with white walls and an assortment of professional lights, are two of YouTube’s biggest stars, Kelli and Daniel Segars. The married couple is preparing to film two videos for their popular YouTube channel, Fitness Blender.

Who is the girl in fitness blender?

Kelli Segars
Daniel and Kelli Segars fashioned Fitness Blender out of their garage. During a rare rest. Kelli and Daniel Segars could be anywhere in their Fitness Blender videos.

How much is fitness blender worth?

FitnessBlender has an estimated net worth of $4 million. The channel generates its revenue from advertisements and sponsorship on the channel and also for subscribers who have subscribed for YouTube plus.

Is there an app for fitness blender?

Fitness Blender does not currently have a mobile app. We did have one for a while, but unfortunately we decided to discontinue it. Instead, the website has a mobile friendly design. It is also possible to add the Fitness Blender website to your homescreen on iOS and Android.

Are Fitness Blender workouts effective?

The long and short of it is that yes, Fitness Blender workout videos really are enough to keep you in shape, and that because of our incredibly heavy workload with our two-man business, we don’t even have the extra time to be able to spend hours at a gym (even if we wanted to…which we don’t).

Who is Fitness Blender couple?

Daniel and Kelli Segars
Daniel and Kelli Segars of Seattle run one of the most popular fitness websites in the world, Fitness Blender, out of their garage. SEATTLE — Daniel and Kelli Segars of Seattle run one of the most popular fitness websites in the world, Fitness Blender, out of their garage.

Are Fitness Blender personal trainers?

Fitness Blender, an online-workout company run by personal trainers Kelli and Daniel Segars, is the most-watched fitness channel on YouTube and just passed 4 million subscribers.

How long has Fitness Blender been around?

Planning for Fitness Blender began in 2009 and the site officially launched in 2010. Daniel and Kelli worked countless long hours outside of their regular day jobs to painstakingly create one piece of content at a time.

Is Fitness Blender good?

Fitness Blender has a great collection of free workouts (roughly 500+ full-length and high-quality routines). And when I mean free, it’s everything from warm-ups to butt-kicking sweaty portions of HIIT & strength. You can pick your own difficulty level, body focus, training type, and even equipment.

Where is Fitness Blender located?

Fitness Blender’s YouTube channel and corresponding website feature more than 500 workout videos, most of them filmed in the Segarses’ garage north of Seattle. Against a plain-white background, they sweat through basic but challenging moves, including the occasional stumble.

Is Fitness Blender good for weight loss?

People who have used our programs in the past have seen drastic body changes, including inches, pounds, and body fat percentages lost, & energy, strength, endurance, and flexibility gained. As always, we recommend that you consult with your medical doctor before starting any new workout program.