Are Brittanys good house pets?

Brittanys make great family dogs…for the right family. With their joie de vivre and attachment to their people, Brittanys can make wonderful pets. Given enough exercise, they’re doting, patient, and gentle in the home.

Do Brittanys make good therapy dogs?

Yes. Life with a Brittany is never dull. They are smart, active, agile and ​easy to train ESA doggie companions. They are very friendly and affectionate with relatively few health or temperament issues, making them a great family companion.

Are Brittanys good bird dogs?

The Brittany is considered a versatile hunting dog, but it shines when it comes to upland bird hunting. If you’re looking to chase a variety of upland birds from pheasants to chukar to grouse, a Brittany would make the perfect pointing and retrieving partner.

Do Brittanys like to swim?

These dogs love exercise and have endless stamina. Their coat makes them resistant to cold and water, so swimming is an excellent choice.

Are Brittanys reactive?

As mentioned, Brittanys are bursting with enthusiasm and energy. They bring this exuberance into their playtime, training, work, and exercise. Brittanys are also big softies. This breed has a sensitive nature, making them especially reactive to harsh punishments (such as scolding and spanking).

Why are Brittanys not spaniels?

Although it is often referred to as the Brittany Spaniel, they are not actually spaniels. The AKC reclassified them in 1984 as just Brittanys, since they are pointing dogs and have less genetically in common with Spaniels, and more in common with Setters, which are pointing dogs.

How long until Brittanys are full grown?

Well, the truth is that Brittany Spaniels are usually fully grown when they are about 1 year to 16 months. This may vary slightly for different dogs since no two dogs are the same. For some dogs, it may be a year and for others, it may take as long as 16 months. Many factors influence this.

Are Brittany spaniels calm?

When well socialized, most Brittany Spaniels are polite and gentle with everyone and peaceful with other animals. But there is timidity and excessive submissiveness in some lines, so early socialization is a must to promote a confident temperament. Most Brittanys are sensitive dogs with a rather “soft” temperament.