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A suite at the Hotel Valley Ho was the perfect place for these two to say "I do" with their closest friends and family. From the minute I arrived until the time I left, the energy was so good! No stress; just love, laughter and (happy) tears. It was one of the most genuine ceremonies I had ever seen. I love that Augustina wore the dress that SHE wanted; not the

Wylie and Lauren

April 21, 2014

Wylie and Lauren might have met at trivia night, but they also worked together at Phoenix Children's Hospital. Trivia night was less about the trivia and more about getting to know each other! Downtown Phoenix residents, these two planned a fantastic wedding that incorporated everything they love about their city. They prepped at Hotel Palomar, got married at Bentley Projects and partied at The Duce. A huge thanks to Mackenzie Goodman

Kieran and Sam

March 22, 2014

A couple of years ago, Sam was living in Phoenix, while Kieran was living in Los Angeles. They were utterly in love and Kieran was ready to propose. After traveling back and forth between cities, they realized that their homes were exactly 400 miles apart. EXACTLY 400 miles. So cool, right? It's the kind of thing that most of us briefly talk about and then forget about it. Not Kieran.

Cleo and Clementine

September 18, 2012

Author: Amy Kym recently worked with two very good friends, Monique Sandoval of Ouma Clothing, and Jenn Wood of Mignonne Handmade. Monique and Jenn have joined together to open a new bridal/fashion boutique, Cleo and Clementine, in the Melrose District of Central Phoenix. They stock a variety of children's clothing, jewelry, clothing, accessories, bridal headpieces and other great items from both local sellers, and some amazing Etsy shops as well. If you're

Jon Ashcroft

June 1, 2012

Meet Jon Ashcroft. He designed my badass logo. He, too, is badass.  

Author: Amy Hanen Yesterday, a wonderful shoot by Kym Ventola was featured in La Petite Magazine, a premiere collection of everything for that little one in your life including: fashion, design, DIY projects, stories, and much more amazingness! This unique magazine is perfect for those mothers who want to be inspired and encouraged to create and enrich their kids and their own lives. Nowadays, it is so hard to find unique and edgy