Paige Ashcroft is a true artist. She understands hair, beauty and the overall creative vision, which is why I have loved working with her for a long time. Not only is she amazing at styling beautiful hair but she is a doll to work with and we've become great friends through the years. She was so kind to answer a few questions about beauty trends, what really makes wedding hair look great all day View / Edit Comments

I think every bride can agree that planning a wedding takes a LOT of time and energy. Of course, it's all worth it because brides know what they want and want to make sure everything is as close to perfect as it can be. Katherine Thornhill, owner of Lucky & In Love, is a Phoenix-based wedding planner who is simply excellent at what she does and knows all of this better than anyone. I Comments Off

Julie + Keith were a dream to work with. They are artistic, fun and completely in love. I love urban shoots and their engagement session was totally city style. We shot at the Arizona Modern Art Museum and all around downtown Phoenix. They. Rock.    

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Nikki + Conrad are family to one of my best friends in the entire world. When I found out that Nikki wanted a family portrait session to highlight her exciting maternity news, I was so happy to be a part of it. We shot in a few different locations in and around their Phoenix home. It was a lovely evening.  

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Kelly + Steve will be getting married in Milwaukee, Wisconsin next summer. For their engagement session, they chose the vibrant backdrop of the Arizona landscape. We started shooting in the city and then worked our way out to the scenic sites in Scottsdale. I loved, loved this shoot. I left that day with my usual excitement for the soon-to-be bride and groom and with an even greater love for the beauty around us. Congratulations, you two!  

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Spotlight: Standard Wax

October 14, 2014

I've known Samantha and Andrew of Standard Wax for a little while now. I was so, so happy to get to shoot their beautiful, unique products. This week Samantha provided Ventola Photography with some really valuable details about what defines Standard Wax as a brand, why imagery is a major pillar within their business strategy as well as advice for those who might be looking to start their own business. In other words, they've got it going on and 2 Comments »

I've teased a feature and shared images on Facebook from a shoot I recently did with a group who I consider to be one of my dream teams. Now, I'm sharing more of the dark, introverted bridal shots from the evening in the woods. I have always loved the dark- appreciated the serenity one finds in it and the calmness there. This particular shoot has been in the works for about a year Comments Off

Alexandra Evjen of A.V.E. Styles is the REAL deal. She is a stylist worthy of endless reviews and I am so happy to have 1) been able to meet her and 2) work with her! I highly encourage you to check out what she's been up to, here. Not only is she amazing at putting together a killer outfit but she has almost 1 million followers on Pinterest so needless to say, she Comments Off

The beauty I witnessed on Bethany + Jimmy's big day was stunning. Every detail was completely dreamy. I will forever look back at their photos with complete delight because the whole day was brimming with love and laughter. They picked UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley in California to host their intimate wedding (I don't know if I'll ever get over how lush it was there). The garden was a gorgeous selection for such a special day! xo            

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Being a photographer has allowed me to meet some of the most talented people I have ever worked with. Stephanie Neiheisel is one such artist. She is a beauty inside and out and I'm in sheer awe every single time I work with her. Anyone who has done a few shoots knows that getting a shoot just right (having it come out looking just like you imagined) takes multiple people and a Comments Off