January 22, 2015 David + Michelle

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January 22, 2015 Cliff + Christin

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Malori Maeva of Hoot & Holler really is a renegade florist. If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting her, I highly recommend you visit Hoot & Holler and check out her About page. She is extremely talented with an absolutely beautiful design aesthetic. Malori, like always, was incredibly kind to spend some time answering questions about the wedding and events industry as well as providing insight into what you should know when picking a florist and planning for the big day. Enjoy! xo

kieran sam small2 Spotlight: Florist Malori Maeva

Ventola Photography: What is it about the wedding and events industry that you love most?

Malori: I really love the excitement and optimism. It really is such a special day and it’s full of so many hopes and dreams. It’s so lovely seeing the bride and groom surrounded by all of their friends and family and I get really excited knowing that Hoot & Holler played a small role in making their dreams about their wedding day come true!

Ventola Photography: What do you recommend to a bride who is looking for a florist? Where to start with that sort of planning?

Malori: Finding a florist for your wedding day is all about your personal taste. Start by browsing Pinterest and collecting your favorite images of flowers. Most people don’t know the exact names of flowers so it really helps your florist create an accurate quote when you can show them the types of flowers you love. It also helps if you know what types of arrangements you want on your big day (bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, flowers for your arch, centerpieces, flowers for your cake, etc.). Unlike your photographer, you really don’t have to spend much (or any) time with your florist on the day of your wedding but I would still recommend hiring someone that you get along with! It’s also good to keep in mind that flowers you see in big magazines, like Martha Stewart Weddings, are typically VERY expensive (like in the neighborhood of $900 for one centerpiece). If you’re working within a budget, ask your florist what substitutions can be made to create the same effect at a lower price point. Finally, trust your florists judgement. Once you’ve set your details and told us what you like, what you hate, what you need, and what you want, we’re going to deliver something awesome.

kieran sam small3 Spotlight: Florist Malori Maeva

Ventola Photography: Are there trends or styles that you love this season?

Malori: I am REALLY loving all the wild bouquets with tons of greens and darker colored flowers. So many brides choose a classic, muted color scheme because it’s really delicate and gorgeous so it’s fun to see these darker, moodier colors get some love because they can be extraordinarily beautiful too!

Ventola Photography: What’s one piece of advice that you would give to brides? Any advice is welcome.

Malori: Hire a day-of coordinator and don’t commit to DIY’s that require you to work on the day of your wedding. It’s tempting to save some extra money by trying to do your flowers yourself, setting up your reception decor, or by acting as your own coordinator but your wedding day should be all about you getting married. Let someone else handle the stress of set-up and last minute DIY projects while you have some champagne with your bridal party, get pampered, and relax before saying “I do.”

Ventola Photography: Favorite quote?

Malori: “I can’t do this, but I’m doing it anyways.”

kieran sam small1 Spotlight: Florist Malori Maeva


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Paige Ashcroft is a true artist. She understands hair, beauty and the overall creative vision, which is why I have loved working with her for a long time. Not only is she amazing at styling beautiful hair but she is a doll to work with and we’ve become great friends through the years. She was so kind to answer a few questions about beauty trends, what really makes wedding hair look great all day long and other advice for those soon-to-be brides who might be undecided about their day-of look. You can see more of her work and get in touch, here.

photo2small Spotlight: Hair Stylist Paige Ashcroft


Ventola Photography: What major trends, if any, have you seen for this season?
Paige: I have been seeing a lot of dramatic eyeliner in fashion across the board. I think it translates well into bridal as well. Also it seems as though the days of curly and coifed are dwindling, voluminous dutch braids with lots of surface texture are becoming popular.
Ventola Photography: What’s the secret to making sure hair and makeup look good the entire day?
Paige: If you want your makeup to look good all day you need to hire a professional makeup artist. A good makeup artist will know exactly how how to get your makeup to stay put based on your skin. To get hair that stays all day your stylist needs to have a good understanding of product. Even more importantly, you should pick a stylist that is experienced with how to structure and support your style.
Ventola Photography: Do you have any tips or tricks you can share for amazing looking hair? Certain products that help to really hold for brides in humid weather or to make hair soft and shiny for those in dry climates?
photo 3 Spotlight: Hair Stylist Paige Ashcroft
Paige: I absolutely do! (Although there would be far too much information for one post.) I do have one product that has always been an essential in my kit. I love the Dust It, Mattifying Powder by Shwarpfkopf from the Osis line. It’s a fine dust that can be sprinkled on the root or the lengths of the hair to create texture and hold. It also works really well if added to the root before back-combing. Use this product sparingly as it really has a kick!
Ventola Photography: What advice would you give to a bride who doesn’t know what to do with her hair?
Paige: I would find a stylist with a really good reputation and portfolio and schedule a consultation with them. When you get there just ask what they think and let them try it out on your hair. As hard as it may be just give the stylist full creative freedom.
Ventola Photography: Favorite quote?
Well, I’m a comedy nerd so I have to go with this one: “I hate it when people say girl crush. No one is going to think you are a lesbian if you just say crush.” -Mindy Lahiri
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I think every bride can agree that planning a wedding takes a LOT of time and energy. Of course, it’s all worth it because brides know what they want and want to make sure everything is as close to perfect as it can be. Katherine Thornhill, owner of Lucky & In Love, is a Phoenix-based wedding planner who is simply excellent at what she does and knows all of this better than anyone. I am so excited she agreed to share her insights and tips into the world of planning for that big day. Thank you, Katherine!

Ventola Photography: How did you first come to start Lucky & In Love?

Katherine: I’ve wanted to be a wedding planner since I was a little girl. I was working in PR and events, and often had friends ask me to help them with their weddings, whether it was dreaming up ideas, or planning the many details to make the day run smoothly. I figured I might as well form a business, so all of my efforts were going toward building a portfolio of some kind! And the rest is history.


IMG 1236small1 Spotlight: Wedding Planner Katherine Thornhill

Photo Credit: Katherine Thornill

Ventola Photography: How did you decide on the name?

Katherine: Lucky & In Love came to be after weeks and weeks of writing down all kinds of names and word combinations, none of which felt like the “right” one. It honestly came to me one afternoon, all in one rush of an instinct. After searching high and low for any other business with the same name, I was shocked to find out nothing existed! I literally RAN to have the trade name officially mine within the hour.

Ventola Photography: What advice or insight do you typically give brides regarding photography and/or choosing a photographer?

Katherine: I think it is so important that the couples I work with mesh with their photographer on a personal one-on-one level, not solely on their creative work. Personality matching is incredibly important, especially in a high stress environment like their wedding day. Couples need to select a photographer who they trust so wholeheartedly to do a great job, who they connect with almost on a friend level, that they basically forget they are there working!

Ventola Photography: What advice would you give to a bride who has a short engagement? Would you offer different advice to a bride who has a really long engagement?

Katherine: If nothing else – hire a day of wedding coordinator! Call me biased, but nothing makes me more sad than hearing about a bride who couldn’t focus on their big day because they were stressing about table centerpiece set up, or that the caterers didn’t arrive on time. No matter how much work they take on leading up to the wedding, it’s incredibly important to pass the baton to a professional when the day comes.

unnamed Spotlight: Wedding Planner Katherine Thornhill

Ventola Photography: Do you have a favorite wedding color scheme? One that you’ve been more partial to throughout the seasons?

Katherine: Surprisingly, not really! My weddings seem to take on a life of their own, incorporating colors, metallics, texture and pattern, or “layers of interest” as I like to refer to it. The look of the event is often so multifaceted it’s hard to break it down to a true color scheme.

Ventola Photography: What tips do you have for brides who don’t know where to start when it comes to the planning process?

Katherine: First things first, set a realistic budget! It will be the roadmap as you make your way through the planning process. You’ll need to know this before starting anything else like the venue search, even the guest list.

unnamed 1 Spotlight: Wedding Planner Katherine Thornhill

Ventola Photography: What’s one thing you wish brides knew before they got engaged or before they started planning their big day?

Katherine: I hope all couples know that there is no “right way” to do a wedding. Of course there are traditions and etiquette that in my opinion should be (loosely) followed, yet there is no wedding that is too big, too small or too personalized for a couple if it is a true representation of their relationship. Take a chance and follow what your heart wants! Don’t worry about what others say you should or shouldn’t have on your big day. It’s YOUR day after all.

Ventola Photography: Favorite quote?

Katherine: Work hard & be nice to people. Always.


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Julie + Keith were a dream to work with. They are artistic, fun and completely in love. I love urban shoots and their engagement session was totally city style. We shot at the Arizona Modern Art Museum and all around downtown Phoenix. They. Rock.

keith julie 0006small Downtown Engagement: Julie + Keith

keith julie 0008small Downtown Engagement: Julie + Keith

keith julie 0005small Downtown Engagement: Julie + Keith

keith julie 0024small Downtown Engagement: Julie + Keith

keith julie 0010small Downtown Engagement: Julie + Keith

keith julie 0035small Downtown Engagement: Julie + Keith

keith julie 0032small Downtown Engagement: Julie + Keith

keith julie 0051small Downtown Engagement: Julie + Keith

keith julie 0053small Downtown Engagement: Julie + Keith

keith julie 0076small Downtown Engagement: Julie + Keith

keith julie 0081small Downtown Engagement: Julie + Keith

keith julie 0092small Downtown Engagement: Julie + Keith

keith julie 0113small Downtown Engagement: Julie + Keith



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Nikki + Conrad are family to one of my best friends in the entire world. When I found out that Nikki wanted a family portrait session to highlight her exciting maternity news, I was so happy to be a part of it. We shot in a few different locations in and around their Phoenix home. It was a lovely evening.

conrad nikki 0001small Phoenix Family Portrait Session

conrad nikki 0008small Phoenix Family Portrait Session

conrad nikki 0002small Phoenix Family Portrait Session

conrad nikki 0031small Phoenix Family Portrait Session

conrad nikki 0061small Phoenix Family Portrait Session

conrad nikki 0035small Phoenix Family Portrait Session

conrad nikki 0042small Phoenix Family Portrait Session

conrad nikki 0073small Phoenix Family Portrait Session

conrad nikki 0076small Phoenix Family Portrait Session

conrad nikki 0078small Phoenix Family Portrait Session

conrad nikki 0120small Phoenix Family Portrait Session


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Kelly + Steve will be getting married in Milwaukee, Wisconsin next summer. For their engagement session, they chose the vibrant backdrop of the Arizona landscape. We started shooting in the city and then worked our way out to the scenic sites in Scottsdale. I loved, loved this shoot. I left that day with my usual excitement for the soon-to-be bride and groom and with an even greater love for the beauty around us. Congratulations, you two!

steve kelly 0004small Arizona Desert Engagement: Kelly + Steve

steve kelly 0001small Arizona Desert Engagement: Kelly + Steve

steve kelly 0035small Arizona Desert Engagement: Kelly + Steve

steve kelly 0043small Arizona Desert Engagement: Kelly + Steve

steve kelly 0016small Arizona Desert Engagement: Kelly + Steve

steve kelly 0054small Arizona Desert Engagement: Kelly + Steve

steve kelly 0076small Arizona Desert Engagement: Kelly + Steve

steve kelly 0066small Arizona Desert Engagement: Kelly + Steve

steve kelly 0068small Arizona Desert Engagement: Kelly + Steve

steve kelly 0090small Arizona Desert Engagement: Kelly + Steve

steve kelly 0114small Arizona Desert Engagement: Kelly + Steve

steve kelly 0152small Arizona Desert Engagement: Kelly + Steve


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October 14, 2014 Spotlight: Standard Wax

I’ve known Samantha and Andrew of Standard Wax for a little while now. I was so, so happy to get to shoot their beautiful, unique products. This week Samantha provided Ventola Photography with some really valuable details about what defines Standard Wax as a brand, why imagery is a major pillar within their business strategy as well as advice for those who might be looking to start their own business. In other words, they’ve got it going on and I’m super excited to share this with anyone who doesn’t know them already!

Ventola Photography: Where did the name Standard Wax come from?

Samantha: Honestly? I can’t even remember. Andrew and I went through a LOT of name ideas after we had (accidentally) started the business. I think there was a clothing company we liked that had “standard” in the name. It was so everyday, so simple, and yet it really spoke to us and our product. We also didn’t want to be super obvious with the name, so we brainstormed other words besides “candles” and wound up with “wax”! I’ve never regretted the name, even though it came about sort of haphazardly. Some people think we’re a waxing salon, and it never fails that a Google search will turn up some information on toilet parts, but I still think it’s just perfect.


desksmall Spotlight: Standard Wax


Ventola Photography: What is your brand philosophy? Why?

Samantha: We’re all about bringing art into your everyday. We believe that everything you bring into your home should be not only functional, but beautiful. We make sure every candle we make embodies that philosophy of functional art. The second part of that philosophy is that the functional art should stay forever! Just because the candle burns down doesn’t mean the beauty is gone. Our candles are made to be reused in the home as planters, pencil holders, bathroom organizers – there are so many possibilities.


pencilsmall Spotlight: Standard Wax


Ventola Photography: What value do you place on imagery for your brand?

Samantha: Imagery is everything! It’s the first thing someone who’s learning about your brand for the first time usually sees. We’re a small business, but I believe that good merchandising, styling and photography can elevate your brand in a huge way. The investments we’ve made in product photography has been always been repaid almost immediately. Not only does imagery play a huge part in sales, but it also allows us the opportunity to reach out to the media and give them amazing images to use (making our PR a breeze – magazines, blogs, etc love beautiful photos).

Ventola Photography: What have you seen rich imagery do for your business from a creative standpoint?

Samantha: Having solid, high quality, professional images makes life so much easier! One example that comes to mind is creating our wholesale line sheets. The differences in the layout and design with the professional images are INCREDIBLE. It brings our collateral to a whole new level. It also helps out in more day-to-day type situations – like posting on social media. It’s been proven that imagery is one of the biggest things that brings engagement to a post, and it’s so much easier to create engaging content when you have a library of beautiful images.


centerpiecesmall Spotlight: Standard Wax


Ventola Photography: What advice would you give to someone looking to start their own business?

Samantha: Oh boy. It sounds cliche, but if you do something you truly love, you’ll be successful. Obviously it will take some leg work to get there. You won’t love every single part of what you do. I don’t love schlepping around boxes and packaging orders. But if you love the philosophy of your business, the enthusiasm will shine through for everyone to see. I once read something where someone said he was so successful because he had found something he would do for free, since he loved it so much. And then people started paying him to do it.

Ventola Photography: What is your favorite part about running a company out of Phoenix? Are there any advantages you see to being in Arizona?

Standard Wax: So many advantages. Aside from obvious things like how affordable it is here, I think the biggest advantage is the people. Phoenix is an up and coming city, creatively. There is so much excitement and collaboration. People are genuinely passionate about working together and collaborating. Instead of seeing others as competition, people in Phoenix know that if one of us succeeds, there’s more opportunity for the rest of us. Getting started in LA, New York, San Fran, etc, would be much harder.


dogsmall Spotlight: Standard Wax


Ventola Photography: Favorite city to visit?

Standard Wax: Florence, Italy. I studied abroad there in college and instantly fell in love. There’s something so magical about the city that started the Renaissance. You get this creative feeling when you’re there, it’s so inspiring. You can walk down the same streets and look at the same buildings as people did hundreds of years ago, as they were questioning the norms, creating incredible art and ushering in an artistic and political revolution. I’m not even a crazy art history person, but there is something ridiculously moving about that city.

Ventola Photography: Favorite quote?

Standard Wax: I love quotes. It’s hard to pick just one, so I’ll go with the one that inspired a recent tattoo. “Now is right on time” take from Asha Tyson: Your journey has molded you for your greater good, and it was exactly what it needed to be. Don’t think you’ve lost time. There is no short-cutting to life. It took each and every situation you have encountered to bring you to the now. And now is right on time.




I’ve teased a feature and shared images on Facebook from a shoot I recently did with a group who I consider to be one of my dream teams. Now, I’m sharing more of the dark, introverted bridal shots from the evening in the woods. I have always loved the dark- appreciated the serenity one finds in it and the calmness there. This particular shoot has been in the works for about a year and the action of actually planning, creating and then going up to Northern Arizona and shooting it was such a fantastic undertaking for all of us involved. In case you missed the June Bug Weddings feature of it, you can find that here. Thank you, thank you to such a wonderful group of people who made this happen!

Makeup – Stephanie Nieheisel, SN Makeup Artist
Gown, Veil & Robe, Ouma
Model – Sarah Jihan
Stylist – Misha West
Crown – Xappaland
Jewelry – Frances Boutique
Undergarment – Free People 

7b424b81437d4ad1cd109db44dc82d36 large Special Project: Beautifully Dark Shoot

203ac38f7d31c6e618d54d55e598b409 large Special Project: Beautifully Dark Shoot

4ec24e5655944102a0de39973b190e2e large Special Project: Beautifully Dark Shoot

4e25750b644c2a20234ad0955535ba9e large Special Project: Beautifully Dark Shoot

c7baab2110aa2b82bad50e5e69268277 large Special Project: Beautifully Dark Shoot

1d09bf6f7b53ed005f961277bcca750d large Special Project: Beautifully Dark Shoot

ee4ef0869b64841b8949f2fb8bc58aba large Special Project: Beautifully Dark Shoot

b9c391706cf896a2553c85f27d61d36c large Special Project: Beautifully Dark Shoot

a18e1291edd6471d9dcb39bd023f0f7b large Special Project: Beautifully Dark Shoot

454d1c6a974ce8efcec20e32330994eb large Special Project: Beautifully Dark Shoot

3c4e8c06c31018ad1a2b3c9109b311a0 large Special Project: Beautifully Dark Shoot

6db6a0d10cff17e0e2af87511dfbbbc5 large Special Project: Beautifully Dark Shoot





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